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Apr 03, 2024
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Mahdi Al-Kaabi Of The Iran-Backed Iraqi Hizbullah Al-Nujaba Militia: We Have Security Ties With Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood In Jordan; We Need To Open A Front Against Israel From Jordan

#11012 | 03:14
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Mahdi Al-Kaabi of the Iran-backed Iraqi Hizbullah Al-Nujaba militia spoke in an April 3, 2024 show on Al-Alam TV (Iran) about the recent announcement by his group's military wing, the Hizbullah Brigades, that it is prepared to arm 12,000 fighters from the "Islamic resistance" in Jordan. He said that this shows that his militia maintains security coordination with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, and he asserted that it is necessary to open the Jordanian front with Israel in order to lay siege on it. He accused Jordan of being a base for America and Israel in the region, and he said that he hopes there will be "noble people" and resistance fighters in Jordan who will open this front with Israel and exert pressure on the Jordanian government.

Reporter: "[The Iraqi] Hizbullah Brigades announced that it has made the preparations for the arming of 12,000 fighters from Jordan – or from the 'Islamic resistance in Jordan' as it was phrased in their statement. Is this still in the planning phase, or have there been preliminary contacts with people in Jordan in this regard?"

Mahdi Al-Kaabi: "The statement by the brothers in the Hizbullah Brigades was clear, and it points to coordination between the Islamic resistance in Iraq and other resistance factions.

"The statement mentioned specifically the cooperation with the brothers in Hamas, as well as with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Jordanian kingdom.

"This is a sign that there are security contacts, coordination, and efforts and that there are contacts between the different parties to bring this [pain] to fruition, because the Jordanian front is a tough problem.

"We need to open this front in order to lay siege to the Zionist entity, and exert military, security, and intelligence pressure on it. In some diplomatic and analytic studies, Jordan is, unfortunately, considered among the American bases [in the region], and plays a role in inciting sectarian and security conflicts, aimed against the other countries in the region. That is especially true because Jordan is Iraq's neighbor, and the presence of Baathists [in Jordan], and their threat to Iraqi security was clear in the past, and sadly, some Baathist sectarian discourse still comes from that country.

"We witness negative positions with regard to the Islamic resistance, Iraq, and Iran's Islamic Republic. We have not witnessed a united Islamic discourse coming form that country. That country is considered by serval studies to be forward outpost of the Zionist entity of America. There has to be coordination and cooperation. We hope that there are noble people, resistance fighters, in that kingdom, an that they will support the Palestinian cause, an will open a front against that Zionist entity, and that they will exert pressure on the [Jordanian] government, which is part of the American project in the region."

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