February 1, 2019
Clip No.

Friday Sermon in Shiraz, Iran: Khamenei's Representative Ayatollah Lotfollah Dezhkham Leads "Death to America" Chants, Calls for Destruction of Israel

Ayatollah Lotfollah Dezhkham, Khamenei's representative in Fars Province, Iran, delivered a Friday sermon in Shiraz that aired on Fars TV (Iran) on February 1, 2019. He said that Imam Khomeini would have never given up when it comes to the matter of Palestine and that it is one of the cornerstones of the Islamic Revolution. He said that Palestine must be liberated, and that Israel must be erased off the map. Ayatollah Dezhkham added that the cry of the Iranian nation will increase in accordance with the increase of pressure exerted by "arrogant" America and led another chant of "Death to America!" For a similar sermon from Ayatollah Dezhkham, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 6970.