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Jun 22, 2019
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Iranian Ayatollah Gholamali Naeimabadi: May Trump Explode Like the American Drone Did

#7318 | 01:31
Source: Khalijefars TV (Iran)

Iranian Ayatollah Gholamali Naeimabadi, Supreme Leader Khamenei's representative in Hormozgan province, said in a June 22, 2019 Friday sermon in Bandar Abbas that it was a "pleasure" to hear that the "accursed" American drone had exploded, and he said: "May Trump himself explode soon. We would be even happier." He said Iran will give America a "real good smacking" every time it comes. With Naeimabadi's encouragement, the audience chanted "Death to America" and "Death to Israel." The sermon aired on Khalijefars TV (Iran).

Ayatollah Gholamali Naeimabadi: "It was such a pleasure to hear that the accursed American [drone] had exploded. May Trump himself explode soon. We would be even happier. The world should know this. This is what we are. We are capable. We succeeded, and if you come again, we will smack you. If you come 100 times, we will smack you 100 times. We will give you a real good smacking."

Audience: "Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Khamenei is the leader. Death to those who oppose the Rule of the Jurisprudent. Blessings upon... "

Ayatollah Gholamali Naeimabadi: "Not only will we smack them; on Friday we will say 'Death to America!' Say it loud!"

Audience: "Death to America! Death to America! Death to America! Death to America! Death to America!"

Ayatollah Gholamali Naeimabadi: "It's not just America. Who else?"

Audience: "Death to Israel! Death to Israel! Death to Israel! Death to Israel!"

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