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Dec 10, 2023
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Iran's Army Showcases The Karrar Interceptor UAV, Equipped With Air-To-Air Missiles

#10719 | 01:32
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Iran's Army showcased its Karrar interceptor UAV on a December 10, 2023 show on Channel 1 (Iran). According to the show, the Karrar UAV is equipped with the Majid air-to-air missile, and it can intercept both manned and unmanned aircraft.

Newscaster: "Dozens of Karrar interceptor UAVs, equipped with Majid air-to-air missiles, were added to the battle array of the army's air-defense force."


Presenter: "This is the Iranian-made interceptor Karrar UAV. It has high maneuverability in intercepting targets nearing our country's airspace.


"Obviously, the Karrar UAV does not need a runway. It can be launched on an interception [mission] from any geographic location, and surprise the enemy. Sometimes, the enemy's 'birds' insist on entering our airspace. In such cases, Karrar uses its smart weapon."

Onscreen text: "Target aircraft."

Presenter: "Reportedly, the Majid missile can follow manned and unmanned aerial targets, using its thermal system and electronic eye, and then destroy them. The Karrar UAV, equipped with a Tolou jet engine and a Majid missile, is now delivered to the air-defense commands in the country, in order to best defend our airspace."

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