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Apr 18, 2023
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At Iranian Army Parade Showcasing UAV's, President Ebrahim Raisi Threatens To Destroy Haifa And Tel Aviv If Israel Makes The 'Smallest Mistake' Against Iran's Security

#10250 | 02:38
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

In a speech delivered at Iran's Army Day Parade on April 18, 2023, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi threatened Iran's enemies, and particularly "the Zionist regime", warning that the "smallest mistake against the security of Iran will result in the destruction of Haifa and Tel Aviv." The parade also showcased the Iranian military's aerial and drone capabilities. The parade was aired on Channel 1 (Iran).

President Ebrahim Raisi: "The enemies of the Islamic Revolution should know — and the Zionist regime in particularly has surely received this message — that the slightest action against the Islamic Republic of Iran will evoke a severe response from Iran's armed forces.

"They should know for certain that the smallest mistake against the security of Iran will result in the destruction of Tel Aviv and Haifa."


Announcer: "Now you are witnessing a aerial refueling plane and the F-4 fighter plane, which has the record of the longest flight time.


"This is a multirole strategic UAV Kaman-22. This is a multirole UAV Mohajer-6, which is capable of reconnaissance, defense, and signals intelligence and is armed with Qaem bombs and Almas missiles. For the information of our audience, the Mohajer-6 is equipped with electronic warfare systems, so it can be the first jammer drone in the army, capable of operations providing aerial support of electronic warfare and disruptions to the enemies' communication networks.


"This is a Jet-Karar UAV from the Air Defense branch of the Islamic Republic air force, equipped with scrambler and aerial targeting and the capability to bomb combatant targets with an altitude of over 40,000 feet, which is unmatched in the region."

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