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May 04, 2020
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American Academic Dr. Kevin Barret on Iranian TV: We Can Assume That Germany Banned Hizbullah Because Its Intelligence Chief Is Being Blackmailed by the Mossad for Having Had Sex with Children

#7971 | 03:06
Source: Press TV (Iran)

In a May 4, 2020 interview with Iran's English-language channel, Press TV, Muslim-American academic and conspiracy theorist Dr. Kevin Barret said that Germany designated Hizbullah a terrorist organization because Germany is still under "Israeli occupation." He said that the Mossad has entrapped U.S. President Donald Trump and other senior American officials by filming them having sex with children, and that it can be assumed that this is also the case with German Intelligence chief Bruno Kahl and other top leaders in Germany.

Dr. Barret said that the "corrupt billionaire elites" ruling the Gulf countries denounce Hizbullah because they are "also probably being blackmailed by Israelis along the line of Jeffrey Epstein." In addition, he said that these Arab leaders steal the money and resources of their countries and hand them over to "their Zionist banker-masters who rule the West." For more about Dr. Kevin Barret, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 7938, No. 7474, and No. 4220.

Kaveh Taghvai: "In a surprise announcement, Germany has labelled Hizbullah a terrorist organization. Now, why has Germany made this decision at this time? Hizbullah secretary general has blasted Germany, saying that this is a baseless accusation. In this edition of Debate, we will look at whether Germany's decision is succumbing to Israeli and U.S. pressure, or as Hassan Nasrallah has stated, is it to help U.S. plans for the region?


"Why do you think Germany has labelled Hizbullah a terrorist organization?"

Dr. Kevin Barret: "Well, I think they've been ordered to do it by their masters in Tel Aviv. This was totally organized in Israel, which still basically occupies Germany in so many ways. We have learned in mainstream Israeli as well as German media that Bruno Kahl, who's the head of German intelligence, head of the BND, is quote unquote, a close friend of the Mossad. So, we all know what that means. Notorious pedophile, blackmailer appointed by Donald Trump and high level American politicians, is just one of a whole legion of Israeli pedophile pimps, who basically get high-level Western politicians, intelligence chiefs like Bruno Kahl and so on, entrapped and film them having sex with children, and then use that to blackmail them.

"So, we can assume that this is the case with Bruno Kahl and many other top leaders in Germany. Just as of course the U.S. has all of Angela Merkel's phone tapes and they can blackmail her as well. So, Germany is a pathetically occupied country. After it was defeated in WWII, it had all of its norms and values utterly crushed and it was brainwashed by the Zionist occupation government, which still runs Germany and they have apparently decided to persecute the folks in Germany who sympathize with Hizbullah. There is no Hizbullah in Germany. There is no actual organization. But just as here in the United States where many of us are very strong sympathizers with Hizbullah, as I am. In fact right now I am going to violate German law.


"The corrupt billionaire elites who are also probably being blackmailed by Israelis along the lines of Jeffrey Epstein. I think these corrupt elites that rule the Arab world and steal the money and the resources of their countries and hand them over to their Zionist banker-masters who rule the West and grovel before the feet of their colonialist overlords."

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