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Dec 08, 2023
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Indiana Imam Sheikh Mongy El Quesny: 'America Is The One Fighting The Palestinians; Israel Is Merely A Project Of The Christian Crusader West To Prepare For Armageddon, The Return Of Christ'

#10736 | 02:04
Source: Online Platforms - "North West Indiana Islamic Center on YouTube"

Indiana imam Sheikh Mongy El Quesny said in a December 8, 2023, Friday sermon at the North West Indiana Islamic Center, which was streamed live on the mosque's YouTube channel, that America is the one fighting the Palestinians. He explained that Israel is merely a project used by the Christian Crusader West to prepare for the Last War – Armageddon and the return of Jesus. El Quesny stated that the Islamic nation is ignoring this, but Allah has chosen the people of Gaza to manufacture real men in order to take over and show the world who they are. He asked Allah to bring annihilation upon the Zionists, Crusaders, and treacherous Arab and Islamic rulers, and to kill them one by one.

Sheikh Mongy El Quesny: "America is the one fighting Palestinians, not Israel. As one Israeli scholar said, Israel is not a state—it is a project. Israel is a project of all those Christians. The Crusaders, the West, they failed. So they are using all of this, preparing for the last war [Armageddon], for the return of Jesus. So Israel is a project, it is not a state. These are the words of the Israelis themselves. But in the Islamic nation, we don't read, we don't listen, we don’t prepare ourselves. That is why Allah has chosen Gaza to manufacture [real] men, for the men to take over, and show the world who they are, and inshallah, as Allah said, victory is near. We ask Allah for a speedy and perfect victory for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. This is our central issue—Palestine and Jerusalem, that is our main issue.

"Even if the end is to finish off all the Gazans—Netanyahu wants to flatten it—it doesn't mean the end. It is just the beginning. Oh, Allah, bring annihilation upon the aggressor Zionists, the criminal and spiteful Crusaders, and the treacherous Arab and Muslim rulers. Oh, Allah, count them, kill them one by one, do not leave a single one alive."

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