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Aug 21, 2015
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Indian-Palestinian BDS Activist Nasser Barakat: The Creation of Israel Was a Conspiracy, Like 9/11

#5403 | 04:32
Source: The Internet

Indian People in Solidarity with Palestine, an Indian BDS forum, held a two-day convention in New Delhi on August 22-23, 2015. Among the speakers at the convention was Nasser Barakat, a Palestinian-Indian activist and former spokesmen of the General Union of Palestinian Students in India. He said that Israel was created as a pretext, just like the "fabricated" 9/11 attacks. Barakat added that he was not fooled by the Iranian nuclear project, because he knows that Iran is Israel’s biggest ally, and that the Jews are not enemies because they are the Muslims' "key to Heaven." The video was posted on the YouTube account of the Indian People in Solidarity with Palestine.


Following are excerpts



Nasser Barakat: Why have the (Western powers) really created Israel in Palestine? There's a very simple reason - because they want an excuse. Like they fabricated 9/11 - there is still no proof. There's no proof that Al-Qaeda did that. That building - they are saying that 3,000 people died. Nobody... It was all fabricated.They wanted... George W. Bush wanted to demolish (former Russian PM) Primakov's plan.






The trio-triangle unity of China, India, and Russia - this disturbed America. It had become a nightmare for her. So America... The Caspian Sea is very rich in oil. Afghanistan is in the heart of this triangle. So they had to fabricate something. They wanted to attack, to justify their actions.






In 2007, I was sitting with some people in Ashok Hotel. There was a place, a Lebanese restaurant, and one Iranian professor - she is here in India, I guess, but I don't have any contact with her... I told her: This fake issue of your nuclear thing - you can make anybody believe this, but not me. You are the biggest ally of Israel. I have no little doubt. You guys should know one thing: In Iran, we have 1.5 million Sunnis, but we don't have any mosques. In Iran... In the Zionist military, which is so-called Israel, there are 200,000... There are 200,000 Jews, and they are all high authorized leaders, major generals, and all. In Iran, there are only 30,000 Jews, and they have 200 temples, and they practice their ceremonies very freely. Iran is a big fake that America created.



You know that in America, they put any policy in the drawers for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. When the time comes, the whole scenario is already known to them. So now what they are doing in Syria and in Iraq is all fake. It is just because they know that there is big enmity between Sunnis and Shias, and that these two parts will fight each other, and the fight will go on for no end. Anyway, Palestinians...



Finally, I will end with something very strange. As a Palestinian, I have many Jews - not Israeli - Jews as friends. One of them tells me: "We are enemies, so how are you my friend?" I told him: "You are mistaken. You have never been my enemy." Allah informed me, I am called murabiteen. Because you occupied my land,I am a murabiteen. Murabitun are those who are forcibly living there. Those murabiteen are killed by you, and we will go to the higher grade in Heaven. Had Palestine been free, we would not have been murabiteen. So you are the key to Heaven for me. You have never been my enemy.





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