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Dec 09, 2015
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Indian Cleric Calls for Beheading of Hindu Leader over Blasphemy Allegation

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Source: Online Platforms

On December 10, an unidentified Indian cleric declared that 5.1 million rupees would be given to anyone who beheaded Hindu leader Kamlesh Tiwari, who had allegedly called the Prophet Muhammad the world's first homosexual. The cleric was speaking at one of the many protest rallies held in India following Tiwari's alleged remarks. Tiwari himself was arrested for blasphemy.


Following are excerpts:



Kamlesh Tiwari: To affront or comment on any religious thing is wrong. Today, all Muslims have protested against Kamlesh Tiwari. If the Utter Pradesh government or courts punish him – that's fine. Otherwise, the Muslims of Bijnor have announced that 5.1 million rupees will be given for this beheading. The Muslims of Bijnor will give 5.1 million rupees to anyone who will behead him.






Kamlesh Tiwari, whether you are in jail or anywhere else, you cannot escape. This is warning.




[This is on behalf] of Maulana Anwarul Haq Sadiq, of all Muslims of Bijnor, and of all the responsible ulema of Bijnor.





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