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May 29, 2020
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Indian Islamic Scholar Mujtaba Hussain Siddiqui A.K.A Brother Imran: The International Jew Plots To Program People To Commit Heresy By Portraying Cross-Dressing Characters Humorously In Movies - Archival

#8994 | 03:18
Source: Online Platforms - "Ask Br Imran YouTube channel "

Mujtaba Hussain Siddiqui, an Indian Islamic scholar who goes by "Brother Imran," said that according to Henry Ford's "The International Jew" and the secret "world program known as the 24 Protocols," the Jews make movies in order to program people to commit heresy. He made these remarks in a video that was posted on his official Ask Br Imran YouTube channel on May 29, 2020. In the video, Siddiqui claims that the "top class Jews" have "made a mission" to introduce an education system in the world that programs people to believe that anything good in the world can only be done by the Jews. Similarly, he said that the Jews make movies that program people to commit heresy and disbelief in the Quran and the Sunna by using humor. Siddiqui said that the Jews introduced the concepts of men dressing like women and women dressing like men, and also embracing of homosexuality, even though no religion permits men marrying men and women marrying women. Siddiqui, who is the founder of IERF (Islamic Education and Research Foundation), was arrested in 2018 by Indian authorities for inciting against Shi'ite Muslims.

Mujtaba Hussain Siddiqui: "How did they [the Jews] overtake us? So now, this is the book International Jew. By whom? Henry Ford. Who is Henry Ford? An American. [He was] a great American industrialist, the founder of the Ford car. He wrote a book The International Jew. In this voluminous book he discusses all different policies of the Jews, which secretly they call the 'world program,' known as '24 Jewish Protocols.' What are the Protocols? Time doesn’t permit me to go into all of the details of the 24 Protocols. In this [book], he says that the top class Jews made a mission to introduce an education system in the world, so that the entire world would be considered educated or ignorant based on that qualification. If you are qualified from your colleges, you are educated in the world today, if you aren’t, you are ignorant. In that education system, make sure that everything that they study should program them to believe that anything good in the world, anything progressive in the world, anything best for mankind – only we [the Jews] can do it.


"[The Jews say:] Are they influenced by the movies? Yes. Grab that opportunity, and make movies where in the movies, you will show anybody adhering to religion in the family is an old man.


"No, no, no, this is not a joke, this is heresy against the Quran and Sunna, that they put in your minds through humor. You thought it is a joke, in the course of repeating that joke, you are programmed not to marry fast. Sodomy, a man dressing like a woman, and a woman dressing like a man. No religion agrees [to this]. A man marrying a man, and a woman marrying a woman – according to the Bible is a serious crime, the same in Islam. [The Jews say:] How do we introduce that concept? They are coming for movies...A character who is a joker in the movie, suddenly dresses like woman and laughs...A woman, she dresses like a man, and she fires [a gun]... No, that’s not humor, man. You are being programmed against the Quran and Hadith. They are making you commit heresy, they know if they speak seriously you will never accept it."

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