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Apr 07, 2011
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IHH Head Bulent Yildirim: New Flotilla Will Be By Land, Air, and Sea. Zionism Infected All Humanity Like a Virus

#2890 | 02:51
Source: The Internet

The following is an excerpt from a speech by IHH Head Bulent Yildirim, which was published on the Internet on April 7, 2011:

Bulent Yildirim: We are getting ready. There will be a ship from every country. From Europe... Our own Mavi Marmara will also set sail from Europe. Ships will come from all over the world. Israel will learn this: The Mediterranean

does not belong to Israel. Just because we had shahids does not mean we are afraid. We will

not step back.

Let everyone know that, until the blockade on Gaza is lifted, and until our march to Al-Aqsa

is completed, this Intifada by sea and by land

will continue! Furthermore, it will not only be sea. We are also preparing to send convoys by land. Allah willing, our project to purchase an airplane will soon be realized. This way, we will also

reach Gaza by air.

What are we saying to the world leaders? Do not expect us to remain calm when people in Gaza are dying. Do not expect us to remain silent when the Al-Aqsa Mosque is held prisoner.

What we are saying is that we have no problem with the Christians and the Jews. There were some Christians and Jews with us on our ships.

But we do have a problem with one place, and we declare it boldly, without fear, and without hesitation: Our problem is Zionism, which has

infected all of humanity like a virus.

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