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Jul 07, 2022
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Ibrahim Murad, President Of Lebanese Syriac Union Party: Hizbullah Is A Terrorist Occupation Force Belonging To Iran's IRGC; It Stockpiles Drones And Missiles While The Lebanese People Are Starving

#9700 | 01:59
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Ibrahim Murad, the president of the Lebanese Syriac Union Party, said in a July 7, 2022 show that aired on MTV (Lebanon) that Hizbullah is a terrorist occupation force that belongs to Iran’s IRGC and that serves Iranian interests. He said that Hizbullah has no authority to determine who the Karish offshore oil field belongs to, and that such matters should be decided only by the Lebanese government. In addition, he said that the Lebanese people are questioning why Hizbullah is stockpiling drones and missiles while they are starving and lack medicine and electricity.

Ibrahim Murad: "Today, Lebanon is occupied by Iran, by means of an armed group that belongs to the IRGC, and has Lebanese identity – in other words, Hizbullah.

"Hizbullah works day and night to secure Iran’s interests, and its political and strategic plan in the Middle East.


"[Iran] has occupied countries, undermined their security, brought poverty upon them, and starved, banished, and killed their people.

"Name a single country where there are pro-Iranian groups, or where Iran interferes, that has not reached an even worse situation than ours in Lebanon."


Interviewer: "Hizbullah says that [the Karish gas field] area is disputed."

Murad: "This should be the decision of the Lebanese state, but since Hizbullah does not respect the state and does not recognize it, we say in our day-to-day political language that Hizbullah is an Iranian occupation militia in Lebanon. Hizbullah has no connection whatsoever to Lebanon, and for years I have been telling people who tried to 'Lebanonize' Hizbullah or hold dialogue with it, that they are deluding themselves.

"Hizbullah has a strategic plan. It is part of the IRGC, and serves as an occupation and terror force in Lebanon, against the will of the state and the people in Lebanon. Hizbullah decides on whether there will be war or peace. It sends drones as a kind of extravaganza, in order to send a message of reassurance to its own people, who has collapsed economically, and are asking what’s the point of all the drones and missiles, when the people are starving, have collapsed economically and have no electricity, no water, no medicine, no food."  

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