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Feb 27, 2011
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Hundreds of Demonstrators Call for Revolution in Lebanon

#2888 | 01:57
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from TV report on a demonstration in Lebanon, which aired on OTV on February 27, 2011:

Reporter: "The people want to topple the regime" in Lebanon. The demonstration epidemic has reached Beirut. Their goal is to topple the sectarian regime. Hundreds of young men and women have responded to the call, and have joined this popular march, which set out from the St. Michael Church in Al-Shayah, and ended at the courthouse.

Demonstrators: Revolution! Revolution!

Reporter: They were demonstrating against the sectarian regime and its leaders, against the warlords and the sects, against the social and economic exploitation, against unemployment, emigration, poverty, and marginalization, against the unequal investment of resources in different areas, and against racism and discrimination.

They demand the transition to a democratic and secular civil state, which upholds social justice and equality, as well as the right to a life of dignity for all Lebanese citizens, by raising minimum wages, lowering the price of basic goods and fuels, improving public education, providing public and private job opportunities, abolishing nepotism and bribery, upholding the right for proper housing, reinforcing social security, and ensuing retirement pensions.

We have been told that this activity will continue until their goal has been met.


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