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Feb 15, 2020
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HTS Leader Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani: Mujahideen Forces Are Withdrawing in Order to Reorganize in Face of Overwhelming Russian Military Force; We Will Return to Liberate Syrian Land

#7820 | 04:35
Source: The Internet

Interviewer: "Our first question is; what are the reasons for the withdrawal of the Mujahideen, along with the advancements of the two occupiers Iran and Russia?"

Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani: "In the name of Allah, praise be to Allah and may prayers be upon the messenger of Allah The reasons are many It started with the political deceit and lies in Astana and Sochi etc. Where some areas would have a cessation in fighting and others not In order that the full force of the Russian occupation forces were fully engaged in the area of Idlib. So they came to Idlib with a huge military campaign consisting of a vast range of munitions. Many artillery systems along with the engagement of many fighter jets. That was one of the reasons, there are other reasons which were that the different factions needed to have better coordination between them. Where the forces can be under a correct and sound command. Also better in organization as it is at this given time, in addition to the reasons we have mentioned, the battles are ongoing nonstop for nine months, in which there has been great intensification of artillery bombardment and airstrikes. There have been many battles between us and the regime. US as HTS and other factions among these in the Fathul Mubeen operations room have undertaken more [than] 30 military operations in the previous month alone, attempting to break the main forces of the military campaign of the regime, who are the elite forces fighting alongside the Russian occupation forces.

"However, as we know we are in a state of battle where there is a constant change, a day for them and a day for us. Possibly the rapid spread of the regime will be met with a rapid withdrawal. This matter needs the organization in the ranks between us and the factions in a correct manner. And with the permission of Allah we will return and liberate these lands until the whole of Syria is liberated."

Interviewer: "Our second question is; what is your stance towards the pumping of Turkish forces into the Idlib arena?"

Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani: "As you know since two years or so, the Turkish Army has observation posts in the area. These points have come under fire from the Russian occupation forces and the regime militias. So the Turks have entered in order to respond to these assaults. On the other hand, the Turkish population is linked to these battles directly, because the negative outcome of these battles would return to affect the Turkish population. Negative impacts politically, economically, socially, national security, and even militarily. In result they are directly affected by these battles because Idlib is on their borders. There is geographical connections and also a Sunni extension between the two areas. The Turkish population is a Muslim Sunni population who are affected by this battle. And there is a big part in this battle to do with doctrine from the Iranian side. Where they are in a war with the people of Ash-Shaam directly trying to change the demographics in their attempts to exterminate the Ahl as Sunnah in the area, and the Russians are helping them with their criminal actions."

Interviewer: "Our last question is; where is the military developments heading in the free areas?"

Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani: "Now, as we see and know the military developments, the advancements of the regime has become vast. We have organized the ranks between us and the other factions in a good manner and we will work towards re-liberating the areas one by one. A rapid advancement will be met with a rapid withdrawal with the permission of Allah. We ask Allah that he grants us success and this is a trial from the trials of the revolution which has been faced with trials since nearly 10 years. There have been nearly a million martyrs and millions of homes, towns and villages destroyed. There are more than 12 million refugees in countries outside of Syria and inside. In the last campaign more than a million refugees have been displaced from the places of Jabal Zaawia and from southern and eastern Idlib. And the most recent, from the western Aleppo countryside. In result we as all factions and those who are in favor of the revolution carry huge responsibility. So it's upon us and the population that we are defending to defend in a great manner. It is upon us all together to put forth all that we can to defend and re-liberate these lands, with the permission of Allah."

Interviewer: "Thank you very much."

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