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May 04, 2021
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Houthi Islamic Scholar Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi: Trump The Jew Created The Coronavirus; The Purpose Of COVID Vaccines Is To Realize The Jewish-Satanic Goal Of Controlling Us

#8831 | 02:32
Source: Al-Eman TV (Yemen)

Yemeni-Houthi Islamic scholar Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi said that COVID is a “man-made disease,” which “that Jew” Trump created. He made his remarks on a show that was aired on Al-Eman TV (Yemen) on May 4, 2021. Al-Ubeidi said that the coronavirus was produced by America, the “Great Satan,” which spreads corruption upon the land by means of the Zionist lobby. He continued to claim that some people who received the coronavirus vaccine “died on the spot” and claimed that “no research was done on this vaccine.” Al-Ubeidi added that immunization against the virus is a “very dangerous Jewish-Satanic goal,” and “they vaccinated us in order to control us.” For more about Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi, see MEMRI TV clips nos. 8795, 8732, and 8630.

Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi: "It is no longer just about coronavirus-1 and coronavirus-2. Now they want to give us the 3rd generation of COVID. It is a man-made disease. America blames China, and China blames America, but they are all enemies of humanity.


"America needs to understand that the virus was created on its own [land]. Trump – that Jew who created this virus and spread it around the world – is a criminal who must be persecuted, because he caused the death of all these people worldwide, including in America.


"The Great Satan, which is the United States... We all saw Trump's pretexts and the way he talked – as if America had nothing to do with this, when, in fact, the [virus] was produced by the Great Satan. America is spreading corruption upon the land, by means of the Zionist lobby, which penetrated the United States in order to create these malignant things, and generate this biological war, with which they have exhausted people.


"The vaccine that they have introduced in order to make people immune to coronavirus, as they say... China is forcing people to get vaccinated, and whoever refuses is executed. They start with the foreigners. They force everybody to get vaccinated.


"There were many cases of people dying while being vaccinated. They did not have to wait a day or two. They died on the spot. The reason is that no research whatsoever was done on this vaccine. It was a done deal. The coronavirus spread and the vaccine was introduced. They vaccinate us in order to control us. This is a war to gain control over people, over the hormones and chromosomes of their bodies, over everything related to their health, body, and activity. This is a very dangerous Jewish-Satanic goal."

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