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Feb 23, 2020
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Houthi Military Exhibition Showcases Locally-Made Anti-Aircraft Missiles

#7846 | 02:14
Source: The Internet

On February 23, 2020, a video of the Houthi-held "Martyr Abd Al-Aziz Al-Muhram Exhibition for Anti-Aircraft Missiles" was uploaded to the Internet. The exhibition showcased locally-made anti-aircraft missiles, and Houthi politician Sheikh Sultan Al-Samie, who is a member of the Houthi Supreme Political Council, expressed pride of the recent achievements in the production of the missiles. He said that some of the missiles have been recently used to shoot down a Saudi Tornado aircraft in the Al-Jawf Province, and he offered "a thousand congratulations" to the Yemeni youth who advanced the industry in Yemen. He added that the Houthis are much stronger than they had been five years ago thanks to the grace of Allah.


Sheikh Sultan Al-Samie: "We – as the Yemeni people – are proud of the recent achievements. We are also proud of the production of Yemeni missiles, manufactured by Yemeni hands, [missiles] that recently shot down a [Saudi] Tornado aircraft in the Al-Jawf Province. We are also proud of the modern missiles that still haven't been used, which we have seen today. We say to the young people who managed to bring this industry into an advanced phase, after five years of aggression: A thousand congratulations to you! History will speak about you, generation after generation. A thousand congratulations to the Yemeni people for this industry. Allah willing, we are a lot stronger today than we were five years ago. This is due to the grace of Allah."

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