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Mar 21, 2020
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Houthi Leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi: America, Other Countries Have Laboratories that Weaponize Bacteria, Viruses Such as COVID-19; They Spread Them Through Explosives, Deliberately-Contaminated Humanitarian Aid

#7889 | 02:58
Source: Al-Masirah TV (Yemen)

Abdul-Malik Badreddin Al-Houthi, the leader of the Houthi movement, said in a March 21, 2020 show on Al-Masirah TV (Yemen) that the United States and other countries have huge laboratories that conduct extensive studies in order to exploit and weaponize lethal bacteria and viruses, such as COVID-19. He explained that countries and societies can be targeted with such viruses and bacteria through deliberately-contaminated humanitarian aid items, such as food and medical supplies, and through explosives that spread the pathogens. Al-Houthi added that the U.S. is willing to do such things even if they harm the American people themselves.

Abdul-Malik Badreddin Al-Houthi: "Today, countries like the U.S. and some other countries process huge laboratories and factories with vast capabilities. They employ extensive studies and conduct many activities in order to exploit harmful viruses and germs that spread pandemics and kill people. Many lethal diseases spread through these [viruses and germs]. Many diseases are caused by viruses and germs. Coronavirus is one of these diseases, as are other plagues like influenza, and even smallpox.


"It is known that the Americans, as well as other countries, have used this type of weapon – that is, spreading plagues through specific means, be it through weapons or through things that are provided under the pretext of humanitarian aid. For example, in some cases with the Native Americans, they were given blankets contaminated with the germs that spread the lethal smallpox. This killed many of them. Other societies have been targeted through things that were provided to them as humanitarian aid, and specific things were contaminated with viruses or germs that spread lethal plagues in the targeted societies. Sometimes, specific things were contaminated and delivered. Other times, medical supplies or food may be contaminated and delivered in order to harm a certain society. In addition, there are explosive weapons that spread those military-grade germs to certain societies which are targeted by these lethal pandemics.


"It is not far-fetched for there to be an American intention to spread this virus, this pandemic, and to exploit it even if it harms American society itself. Can we expect them to care about their people and their citizens? No. Maybe they will release some vaccines or medicines for the profit that they can rake in here or there."

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