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Jan 08, 2021
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Houthi Minister Of Health Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakkil: COVID-19 Is An American-Led, Global Conspiracy To Finish Off Middle, Low Classes

#8624 | 01:40
Source: Al-Eman TV (Yemen)

Houthi Minister of Health Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakkil said that COVID-19 is a conspiracy with the goal of finishing off the low and middle classes and bringing them under the thumb of American-controlled companies. Dr. Al-Mutawakkil spoke at a Sanaa Friday sermon, which was delivered on Al-Eman TV (Yemen) on January 8, 2021. He said that America is ruled by a global, Zionist, Freemason gang that controls the U.S. government. Dr. Al-Mutawakkil said that America created the United Nations, which it used to invade and kill the nations, plunder their resources and kill their women. He added that it had created the World Bank which is like a large whale that devours the resources of nations in order to make the poor even poorer. For more about Dr. Al-Mutawakkil, see MEMRI TV clips No. 8550 and 7893.

Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakkil: "It was America that created the [UNSC] 'veto power.' It was America that created the United Nations, through which it has invaded and killed nations, plundered their resources, killed their women... All of this has been done under what is politically known as the United Nations. It was [America] that established the World Bank, which can be likened to a large whale devouring the resources of nations, in order to make the poor even poorer.

"The goal of the global COVID-19 conspiracy is to finish off the middle and low economic classes, so that they will be under the thumb of a handful of large, American-controlled companies. If we want to know what America is – it is a regime run by a handful of people. They form a global, Zionist, Freemason gang that controls the U.S. government. They want the resources, the money, and the government for themselves, and they want the nations to surrender to them too. This is the gang that rules America."

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