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Jan 21, 2022
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Houthi Health Minister Taha Al-Motawakel: The UAE Is A Jewish Settlement, Controlled By The Jews; The Emirati Bedouins Do Not Have The Brains To Run Such A Global Economy And Technology Hub

#9336 | 04:03
Source: Al-Eman TV (Yemen)

Houthi Health Minister Taha Al-Motawakel said in a Friday, January 21, 2022 sermon in Sana'a, Yemen that was aired on Al-Eman TV (Houthis – Yemen) that the UAE is a Jewish settlement and that the Emirati "Bedouins" do not have the brains to have built a "major economic and technological center." Al-Motawakel elaborated that the affairs of the UAE are managed by the Jews, who invested their money in the UAE rather than Israel in order to protect it from the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. In addition, Al-Motawakel said that the U.S. and Israel are behind the attacks against the Houthis in Yemen and that Israel sends pilots and planes to bomb the Yemeni people with illegal munitions. Al-Motawakel then threatened Israel, saying that the Houthis' drones and missiles can reach Israel like they have reached Saudi Arabia.

Taha Al-Motawakel: "The UAE mini-state is a [group] of Jewish-Israeli settlements, established in 1971. The Jews came to that Bedouin, Bin Zayed, and turned his region into Jewish settlements. Look how in less than 50 years, Dubai and the UAE have become a major economic and technological center. Do the Bedouins have the brains to build such towers and companies, and have all those billionaires, oil drilling, transportation, and tourism? This is not something that was pulled off by those Bedouins. It was the Jews who established the UAE.

"Why did the Jews do this, you ask? The Jews who control the global economy did not want to invest their money in, say, Tel Aviv. They know that Tel Aviv is in the midst of a conflict with the Arabs and the Muslims. Being as cowardly and as miserly as they are, they would not invest their money in Tel Aviv and so on.

"So they built for themselves a settlement that is external to the Zionist-Israeli entity and the plundered lands, and turned it into their commercial and economic center. They brought the Jewish billionaires and built the skyscrapers and companies.

"Thus the Jews managed their money and companies from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jebel Ali, and similar places. These cowards invested their money there, and began to conspire against the Islamic nations from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This is well known. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are nothing but Jewish colonies, which are managed, controlled, and supervised by the Jews.

"Neither Bin Zayed nor Al Nahyan have the brains to manage complicated businesses in the UAE mini-state. Their affairs are managed by the Jews. As you know, the Jews always work in the shadows.


"Israel is behind the clear criminal escalation against our country. It is America and Israel who are killing us today. The horrific massacres committed today are not designed by human minds. They are the result of Jewish hatefulness.


"Only Israel owns the prohibited bombs that massacre the Yemeni people. Israel has sent its pilots and planes to drop those bombs on us day and night.


"Israel knows that [our] drones that flew 2,000 kilometers from Yemen [to KSA] can fly to Tel Aviv and other plundered areas in Israel... That is, in Palestine... So the Jews know how dangerous the Yemenis are, with their [drone] planes and ballistic missiles. The first to cry out [after the attacks on the UAE and KSA] were the Jews. We are in a real confrontation with the Jews."

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