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Feb 26, 2021
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Houthi Friday Sermon In Response To A MEMRI Video Of Iranian Scholar Claiming The Houthis In Yemen 'Are Iran': Iran Must Acknowledge Our Sovereignty, But All Borders Must Be Brought Down Anyway To Fend Off Judeo-Christian Plot

#8732 | 04:01
Source: Al-Eman TV (Yemen)

Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi, a Houthi Islamic scholar said that Iran's support of Palestinian resistance factions, Houthis, PMU, and Hizbullah should not be considered expansionism, rather it is Iran protecting itself against a Jewish-Christian plot. He made these remarks in a Friday sermon, delivered in San'a, Yemen that was aired on Al-Eman TV (Houthis –Yemen) on February 26, 2021. Al-Ubeidi said that if it were not for Iran, a "Judeo-Christian expansion plan would have been implemented." He added that the Western colonialists want the Muslim countries to be separated by borders, while at the same time "the Jews will unite with the Christians and establish a superpower," which will weaken, kill and attack each country separately. Al-Ubeidi referred to MEMRI clip no. 7498, in which Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda, Khamenei's representative in Khorasan Razavi province, said that the PMU, Hizbullah, Ansar Allah, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad "are all Iran." He said that this does not in any way mean that Iran is implementing an expansionist agenda and that Yemen is completely independent and sovereign and Iran acknowledges Yemen's sovereignty as well. For more about Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi, see MEMRI TV clips nos. 8630, 8218, 7978, 7929, and 7896.

Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi: "Were it not for the great revival brought about by Imam Khomeini with the advent of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Palestine would not be there today, the resistance factions in Palestine would have been eliminated, Hizbullah would have been wiped out in souther Lebanon, and the great Judeo-Christian expansion plan would have been implemented. This is what global Zionism wanted, which is why it has been distorting the image of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"I saw last week a [MEMRI] video excerpt on YouTube, which has been posted on social media websites, and Israeli channels have been airing it repeatedly. It shows the turbaned [imam of Khorasan Razavi Province Ayatollah Alamolhoda] who is an Iranian cleric and scholar, saying during a sermon at the mosque: 'Hizbullah in Lebanon is Iran, Ansar Allah in Yemen is Iran, the Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq are Iran.'

"When we hear such a thing, many Yemenis and other people say: 'You see? The Iranians have begun to talk about their expansion and say that they are present in Yemen, in Lebanon, and in other places.' This preacher said these things because he saw that there was resistance to the plan to enslave the great Islamic Republic of Iran, to besiege it, and to launch multiple wars against it. The truth is that we in Yemen do not have the right to claim that we are [an integral part] of revolutionary Iran, and by the same token, the Islamic Revolution in Iran does not have the right to claim that it [controls] Yemen, or anything like that. We need to understand that we have the right to implement the sovereignty and independence of our country. This right is guaranteed by the Quran and by Yemeni law and constitution, as well as by customs and norms. They also know this full well at the Islamic Republic. However, we must remove all the obstacles and the borders imposed by the colonialists between the Muslims, in order to weaken each [Muslim] country, so that it can attack, vanquish, and enslave each country on its own.

"So I don't see any [problem]. Some people sent me this video, and asked me if I had anything to say about the video in which an Iranian cleric says that Ansar Allah are Iran, and that Ansar Allah in Yemen are Iran. We must understand that we are one Islamic nation. The late Imam Khomeini said" 'It is neither East nor West. It is Islamic.' This is a great motto. They want to fragmentize us. They want us to be separated from one another by borders, by cultures, and by sectarian ideologies. At the same time, the Jews will unite with the Christians and establish a superpower, which will weaken us, kill us, and attack each one of us separately. All the while, we will be defending ourselves: 'We have nothing to do with Iran, and Iran has nothing to do with us' and so on and so forth. No. This is a mistake."

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