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Jan 17, 2022
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Houthi Military Expert Brig.-Gen. Abdul Ghani Al-Zubaidi: The UAE Is A Country Made Of Cardboard And Glass, It Should Take The Abu Dhabi Drone Strike Seriously; If The U.S. Carries Out Any Attacks In Yemen, We Will Target Its Interests Wherever They May Be

#9310 | 01:39
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Houthi Yemeni military expert Brigadier-General Abdul Ghani Al-Zubaidi said in a January 17, 2022 interview on Russia Today TV that the same-day drone attack that killed three and injured six in Abu Dhabi is a message that the UAE should "take seriously." He said that unlike Saudi Arabia, which can "absorb" such attacks, the UAE is made of "cardboard and glass." In addition, Al-Zubaidi said that the Houthis hope to have Iranian support since their enemies have the supports of "vagabonds" like the Zionists, the Americans, and the French. He said that the "bravado and condescension" of the enemy is being "trampled underfoot" by the Houthis, who he said have the determination to strike the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Al-Zubaidi also said that if it turns out that the Americans carried out any attacks in Yemen, the Houthis will target American interests "wherever they may be."

Abdul Ghani Al-Zubaidi: "We sent a message [with the Abu Dhabi drone strike], and the UAE should take this message seriously. The UAE is not like Saudi Arabia, which is bigger in size, and which can perhaps, take the hit and absorb the shock. The UAE is a country made of cardboard and glass.


"Our relations with Iran are of two countries that belong to the same axis. Everybody knows this. Iran had recognized the ambassador sent from Sana'a even before we recognized the Iranian ambassador in Yemen. The second thing is that we hope to receive Iranian weapons, and to have Iranian experts with us.

"[Our enemies] have Zionist experts, as well as American and French experts, They have gathered all of the world's vagabonds in their command center and in the battlefield. This is our message today: You need to understand that the war has changed.

"Your bravado and condescension are trampled underfoot by the Yemeni fighters. There is nothing more you can do. Do you have nuclear weapons? If you had them, you have maybe used them. We pay no attention to their declarations and their bravado.

"We have the power, the will, and the determination to strike in the UAE and in Saudi Arabia. If it turns out that the Americans attacked in Yemen, or if they declare that they did, we will target the American interests wherever they may be. Wherever they may be!"

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