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Sep 26, 2019
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Houthi Military Expert Lieutenant-General Abed Al-Thour: UAE Like a Cave Full of Bats; We Can Destroy It; UAE Soldiers Will Have No Place to Return to

#7524 | 02:08
Source: Al-Masirah TV (Yemen)

Houthi military expert Lieutenant-General Abed Al-Thour said in a September 26, 2019 interview on Al-Masirah TV (Houthis - Yemen) that the Houthis will use their air force and missile forces to strike the UAE if it does not stop fighting in Yemen. Comparing the UAE to a cave full of bats that fly away when a flashlight is turned on, Lieutenant-General Al-Thour said that the UAE cannot defend itself or survive an attack half as powerful as the drone attack in the Aramco oil fields in Saudi Arabia, and he threatened that Emirati forces will have no place to return to if the Houthis attack the UAE.


Lieutenant-General Abed Al-Thour: I'd like to emphasize that the [UAE] forces and their commanders will have no place to return to. If the UAE continues [to fight in Yemen], after the humanitarian warning messages from the revolutionary and military forces in Yemen, the attack on the UAE will not be of the same scope as the attack on Saudi Arabia. Let me tell you, if the UAE is attacked, its soldiers and mercenaries will have no place to come back to. The UAE will lose everything. It is made of glass. The UAE and the forces it sends [to Yemen] are like a cave with millions of bats. As soon as you turn on a flashlight, they all disappear. The UAE cannot go through a war. The UAE brings foreign fighters. Yemen has demonstrated its power. We have shown the world what we have in our possession. Can the UAE survive a single attack half as powerful as the Aramco attack? I am telling you that the UAE – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al-Ain, Fujairah, and all those emirates – will lose everything they have. With its aerial strikes and missile force, Yemen will send the UAE back to a time before its foundation. The UAE cannot bear to be attacked.  We don't have a border with the UAE, but our air force and missile force can overcome that. We can hurt the UAE and its trade and economic capabilities. As for the military perspective – don't talk to me about the UAE. The UAE does not have a force capable of defending its border. They are using their money to establish elite forces, but rest assured, as soon as the UAE is attacked, all those forces will withdraw. They will give up on the UAE and won't even recognize it.

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