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Jan 24, 2022
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Houthi Deputy Minister Of Information Nasr Al-Din Amer Threatens To Attack UAE, Israel: Our Goal Is To Destroy The UAE's Economy, Turn It Back Into A Desert; We Have A Great Desire To Fight The Jews

#9328 | 02:37
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)Russia Today TV (Russia)

In interviews he gave on January 24, 2022, Houthi Deputy Minister of Information Nasr Al-Din Amer threatened the UAE and Israel with military attacks. On an interview on Russia Today TV, he said: "As long as our people do not have peace, the UAE will have no security." He explained that destroying the UAE's economy is the strategic goal of the Houthis, and he said that people should withdraw their investments from the UAE. In an interview on Al-Alam TV (Iran), Amer said that the UAE will be turned back into a desert. He also said that the Houthis will retaliate against any "foolish act" on Israel's part, and he said that Israel deserves to be "beaten and punished" because it occupies Palestine and plunders Islamic holy lands. He said that Allah's divine decrees and the Quran order Muslims to fight and kill Jews. He said: "We have a great desire to fight the Jews... This is our dream."

Nasr Al-Din Amer: "Today, the UAE is in the line of fire, and its security is gone. As long as our people do not have peace, the UAE will have no security. We will do whatever is in our power to make all the investors leave the UAE.

"This is a strategic goal that we set for ourselves in our confrontation with the UAE - the destruction of the UAE's economy, or at least, inflicting great damage upon it. This is what hurts them. The [death] of their civilians does not hurt them - only their economy. This is what hurts even the United States.

"So this is [our] goal. The UAE is no longer a safe country, and all the investors should leave. They must leave and do it immediately, or else, these attacks will continue. There are no longer any suitable place for investments in the UAE. We will prove this fact with missiles and drones.


"Every breaking news about the UAE not being safe lands another huge blow on the UAE economy. As the days go by, the UAE will lose its status in trade and economy, and will turn into a desert once again.


"Any foolish act by the Israeli enemy will be retaliated against with a strike. As far as we are concerned, we have the right [to attack Israel] because this entity plunders our holy lands in occupied Palestine. This entity deserves to be beaten and punished, even if it does not attack us.

"However, in light of the developments, if [Israel] even thinks of lending a helping hand to the UAE and Saudi Arabia - this hand will be chopped off, if it tries to target us. The skull that thinks about an aggression against the Yemeni people will be smashed.

"We have a great desire to fight the Jews, because of the Quranic verses and divine decrees that order us to fight the Jews. We have this desire to kill the Jews or be killed by them. This is our desire, our dream, since we set forth on this path. All the Yemenis emerge from this Quranic, religious culture. So the Zionists pose no threat to us.

"Rather, we see this as a great opportunity to fulfill our desire to confront them."

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