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Nov 27, 2005
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Holocaust Denial on Egyptian Nile TV

#943 | 05:09
Source: Nile Culture TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from a TV series titled "A Study of Israel's History", aired on Nile Culture TV on November 27, 2005.

Palestinian researcher Abd Al-Qadr Yassin: The Khazar king, near the Caspian Sea, converted to Judaism, and his people converted along with him. The Khazar kingdom revived the Jewish existence. Later, they spread in Eastern Europe, and from there to its west. Today’s Jews are descendents of the Khazar Jews. They have nothing to do with Semitism. We are the Semites.

Over voice: The Jews extorted the world by exaggerating what was done to them in World War II, and they are still benefiting from this extortion, in the form of money and aid, from countries that still have a guilt complex regarding Hitler's crematoria - for which there is no proof, except for the Zionists propaganda.

Journalist Muhammad Al-Qadussi: The lie about the gas chambers has been spread by the Jews. They claim that six million Jews were burnt to ashes in the crematoria which, so they claim, Hitler possessed. In fact, this lie has been refuted in several ways. First of all, you cannot burn six million people to ashes, with available means, in less than 180 years. Thus, in the six years or so of World War II, it is not possible that six million Jews could have been burnt.

In addition, Fred Leuchter, an engineer specializing in gas chambers, proved technically and scientifically that the camps where the burning supposedly took place, such as Auschwitz and others, served as garbage dumps, and nothing else. As Leuchter said, these places could not have been used to burn corpses, nor can they be used for this purpose today or in the future. The most basic evidence on which he relied is that these camps were connected to the sewage system of the city. So if poisonous Zyklon-B gas was used in the burning of the corpses, this gas would have leaked from the sewers to all the city's houses, and would have poisoned and burned everybody. This, of course, did not happen, and it proves that no corpses were burnt.

Over voice: While the so-called gas chambers have become a (distant) memory, what TV channels worldwide broadcast daily - sights of the destruction, abuse, and killing of the Palestinian people - greatly surpass the worst crimes ever committed against Man.

Muhammad Al-Qadussi: In 1988, Ernst Zundel was tried in Toronto, Canada. He was tried and convicted. The truth is that Zundel’s trial was one of the most unusual trials in history. As Roger Garoudy said: The protocols of this trial constitute incontrovertible historical proof, and a very important document, refuting the issue of gas chambers. As said by Robert Faurisson, a lecturer on literature at Lyon University in France, one of Zundel’s defense lawyers, and a founder of the Institute for Historical Review, which was established in Europe in order to review the lies of Zionism... Robert Faurisson said that whoever was present at Ernst Zundel’s trial was completely convinced that he was witnessing the end of the lie about the gas chambers.

But despite this supportive atmosphere - Robert Faurisson in the defense team and Roger Garoudy among the witnesses - Fred Leuchter, the most prominent engineer specializing in gas chambers in America, stood up, and in a scientific testimony, which went on for a long time, he repeated the decisive report rejecting any suspicion or any possibility of the existence of gas incinerators in Auschwitz or anywhere else, where gas chambers were alleged... Despite all this, Ernst Zundel was sentenced to jail, and just like Galileo Galilei, Ernst Zundel could only be released if he signed a document that he would never deal with these ideas again.

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