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Mar 08, 2019
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Hizbullah Sec.-Gen. Hassan Nasrallah Thanks Donors: Much of Our Support Comes From Individual Donations, Shops, Roads, Celebrations

#7077 | 03:02
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Speaking at an event held by the Islamic Resistance Support Association, Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah extended blessings, thanks, and appreciation to Hizbullah’s donors and supporters. He said that much of Hizbullah’s support comes from individual donations, institutions, shops, roads, celebrations, and various activities planned by the Islamic Resistance Support Association. He said that people donated because they want to be part of the resistance and because they want to wage financial Jihad, dedicate their children, and express their pride and love. Nasrallah’s speech aired on Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) on March 8, 2019.


Hassan Nasrallah: First I would like to address anyone who supported us, through [the Islamic Resistance Support Association] or directly – the donors and volunteers who did not spare their money and donated it. Many of them provided material goods, but most of the assistance was monetary. We extend our blessings, thanks, and appreciation to our good people. Some people think that the resistance relies only on the support of ours friends – most importantly the Islamic Republic of Iran and other sponsors. However, much of our support is based on the blessed donations of individuals. Fathers and mothers, wives, young and old, schoolchildren, and sons and daughters of the martyrs, who put donations into the collection box for the resistance every morning, all year round. People who donate by using our institutions, our shops, our roads, during celebrations, by monthly payments, and in various activities planned by the Islamic Resistance Support Association. 1,000 LBP, 10,000 LBP, 100,000 LBP, 200,000 LBP. At first glance, these sums seem small, but rivers and oceans are comprised of drops of water that accumulate and grow into a great river or flood. We are proud of the love and support they have shown. Even during times when it seemed that the resistance had vast financial means, they did not stop donating or spare their money. This is because they want to be part of the resistance. They want to wage financial Jihad, Jihad of the soul, of [dedicating their] children, or because they want to express their pride, love, and connection.

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