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Jul 12, 2019
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Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: We Have Enough Missiles to Send Israel Back to the Stone Age; Iran Would Be the First to Attack Israel If War Breaks Out

#7351 | 05:18
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said in a July 12, 2019 interview on Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) that Hizbullah can target and strike any part of Israel, including Eilat, and that all of northern Israel is within range of Hizbullah's weapons. Pointing at a map of Israel, he turned his attention to Israel's coast, where he said most of Israel's population lives. He said Hizbullah can strike all the government buildings, military installations, airports, economic centers, commercial centers, industrial centers, ports, nuclear installations, oil refineries, and power stations that are in this area. Nasrallah implied that Hizbullah has thousands of missiles that it can use to send Israel "back to the stone age." Claiming that Israel is "weaker than a spider's web," he said that Israel's attempts to prevent Hizbullah from acquiring weapons by striking Syria have failed, since Hizbullah already has the weapons in its possession. He also said that Israel will not succeed in trying to get Iran to leave Syria and that any attempt on the part of Israel to stay out of a potential future conflict in the Middle East would be futile because Iran can bomb Israel "violently" and "swiftly" and because Israel would never be left out of any war in the region, no matter how it starts. He stated that any war against Iran would lead to a region-wide conflict.

Hassan Nasrallah: "Let's look at this map – this is occupied Palestine. This is the entity that is plundering Palestine's land and is known today as 'Israel.'


"Of course, the resistance can target this entire region, including Eilat. We used to say [we could target] anything south of Haifa, [and we were] referring to Tel Aviv, but today we say 'anything south of Tel Aviv' and 'anything south of Eilat.' If they have something south of Eilat, we will get there also, Allah willing.


"The entire northern [part of Israel] is within the range of our [weapons], from any part of Lebanon. We can [target] the north whenever we please. All the information on all these targets here... Military targets, security targets, technological targets, economic targets, industrial targets, and so forth... It's all here. But the important point I want to discuss is this coast. I want to show this to the public so they can see just how Israel is weaker than a spider's web.


"First of all, most of the Israeli settlers are in this area – a bit more than half of them. But look how many targets are here. This is a 1,200 square kilometer-area. This is nothing. It is a small area. We are not fighting a large state with lots of land and in which we cannot reach all the targets. All the critical government centers are in the heart of this area. The government, government ministries, the war ministry, the military leadership, the General Staff, Ben-Gurion Airport, domestic airports, Air Force bases, military installations with unconventional weapons, petrochemical factories, a nuclear factory... It is here. The ports of Tel Aviv and Ashdod, military and civilian industrial centers, major commercial centers, major economic centers, the stock market, central electric power stations, gas pumping stations, water purification stations... Ninety percent of these are here. Oil refineries, oil stockpiles... It's all here."

Host: "What does this all mean?"

Hassan Nasrallah: "Imagine that the resistance has, say, thousands or tens of thousands of missiles – I don't want to give precise amounts – that can all reach this region. We don't need to target the south of Palestine or anywhere else. [We would use] some of the missiles for [targeting] the north, and the rest of them, we would launch at this coast. Would the entity be able to withstand this? We're talking about the stone age. We will send whom back to the stone age?


"[Netanyahu] lies to his nation and tells them that he is striking Syria in order to prevent weapons from falling into the hands of Hizbullah in Lebanon. I say to him: they are already here, my brother – not my brother, my enemy... They are here in big quantities, and it has been over for some time. The issue is over. Now [Netanyahu] has one goal. [He says] he is striking Syria in order to get Iran to leave Syria.


"In any case, I say to the Israelis and to Netanyahu: Do as you please, but Iran will not leave Syria, because this is the will of President Assad, of the Syrian leadership, and of the Iranian leadership.


"Netanyahu is acting wisely when he tells his ministers not to respond, and he thinks that, as a result, Israel will remain outside [of the conflict]. But who said Israel would not be involved if a war against Iran broke out? Iran would be the first to bomb Israel. Of course! Iran can bomb Israel powerfully, violently, and swiftly. It has the means to do so.


"Israel must understand that it will never be left out of any war in the region. It doesn't matter who starts the war, or how it starts. None of those details [matter]. Israel will not be left outside."

Host: "Even if Israel isn't the one who starts the war?"

Hassan Nasrallah: "Israel... If a war against Iran breaks out, so will a war in the entire region. This needs to be clear."

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