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May 04, 2020
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Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: Germany’s Decision to Ban Hizbullah Activities Is Capitulation to U.S. and Israel; Hizbullah Has No Activity in Germany

#7970 | 03:03
Source: The Internet - "Newsgate (Lebanon)"

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said in a May 4, 2020 speech that was streamed on the Newsgate YouTube channel (Lebanon) that Germany's recent decision to ban Hizbullah activities is "capitulation" to American and Israeli desires and that the U.S. and Israel want to chase down the resistance movements throughout the Middle East. He said that Germany has provided no evidence that Hizbullah has had any kind of terrorist activities or any other activities in Germany. Comparing Hizbullah to prophets who were killed by people who want to get close to tyrants and dictators, Nasrallah said that this ban is an "honor."

Hassan Nasrallah: "We see Germany's decision [to ban Hizbullah activities], and the things that preceded and that will follow this decision, as an expression of this or that country's capitulation to America's will. Part of the U.S. State Department's plan is to chase the resistance movements – not only Hizbullah. It is only Hizbullah's turn right now. This also has to do with the Palestinian resistance movements and the resistance movements in Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere in the region. They are always motivated to besiege these groups, condemn them, isolate them, fight them, starve them, dry up their sources of funding, distort their image, and so forth. This is part of the American-Israeli war against the resistance movements in the region.

"Simply put, it is a war. The U.S. has a plan [to achieve] hegemony in the region and Israel has a plan to occupy it and to consolidate its occupation. The resistance movements are the ones facing down the American plan for hegemony and the Zionist plan for occupation and this is why [the U.S. and Israel want] these movements to be confronted, besieged, condemned, have their image distorted, and so on. The German decision was made in this framework. The Germans have presented no evidence to support the statements they have made thus far. For example, if they're talking about terrorism in Germany and about banning Hizbullah activities in Germany – where are there Hizbullah activities in Germany? Where in Germany is Hizbullah carrying out terror activities? Show me one case of this. There is none. Therefore, this is a political decision that is an expression of Germany's capitulation to the American will and in order to appease Israel.

"They say that the German minister of interior has a personal background in making this decision. He is competing for the leadership after current chancellor is gone. As far as we're concerned, this is an honor, because throughout history, there have been people who have offered the blood of the prophets and their sons in order to get close to the tyrants and the dictators. Today, anybody who wants to get close to America or Israel so that they will help him in one thing or another, he does so by declaring war against the resistance movements and by accusing them of terrorism, isolating them, besieging them, and so on."

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