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Feb 11, 2017
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Hizbullah Sec.-Gen. Hassan Nasrallah: We Are Grateful to Trump for Removing Obama's Mask of Hypocrisy

#5890 | 02:27
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

In a February 12 speech aired on several Lebanese TV channels, including Al-Mayadeen TV, Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah denied that his organization was either worried by or afraid of the new American president. Nasrallah quoted Iranian leader Khamenei, and said that Trump's rise to power was a good thing, because he has removed President Obama's "mask of hypocrisy," revealing the "racist and bloodshedding" nature of the American administration.


Hassan Nasrallah: "On Thursday, if I am still alive, I will discuss the situation in the region, but let me say just one sentence to all the people who have said and written in recent weeks... I have seen many articles saying that Hizbullah is worried, Hizbullah is terrified, Hizbullah is afraid... And why is that, people? Because Trump has arrived. So what if Trump has arrived? What's new? The new thing - like the honorable leader and Imam Khamenei said - is that Trump's predecessor wore a mask of hypocrisy. (Obama) would say pretty words and greet you on holidays, but he imposed sanctions, fought you around the world, conducted thousands of airstrikes that killed thousands of civilians, supported and got embroiled in wars, like the war in Yemen, which killed, wounded, starved, and besieged hundreds of thousands of people, and he supported tyrannical regimes like those in Bahrain, KSA, and elsewhere. On top of everything, he created ISIS for you, so that it would malign your religion, your prophet, and your Quran, shed your blood, capture your women, destroy your societies and countries... All this time he would laugh, but you'd feel sympathy towards him just because he's black.



"So the new thing is a good thing. Along comes a man who has removed (the mask) of hypocrisy. The honorable leader and Imam (Khamenei) said that we should thank Trump for revealing, once again, the true face of the racist American administration – that abominable, criminal, murderous, bloodshedding administration, which violates liberties, plunders resources, and conspires against the downtrodden peoples. So we are not angry but grateful to Trump, because upon coming to power, he exposed the truth about the U.S. administration."


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