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Jun 08, 2021
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Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: Hizbullah Can Resolve The Fuel Shortage In Lebanon By Negotiating The Import Of Gasoline And Diesel From Iran

#8913 | 02:54
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that the long lines at Lebanese gas stations are "humiliating" and that Hizbullah can resolve this humiliation by making the "brave decision" to import fuel from Iran. He made these remarks in a public address that aired on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon) on June 8, 2021. Nasrallah said that Lebanon should stop fearing and surrendering to the Americans. He added that Hizbullah could bring in gasoline and diesel tankers from Iran, purchased with local currency.

Hassan Nasrallah: "The sights we have seen in the past few days and weeks on the TV stations... We have seen on TV long queues at the gas stations. This is humiliating. All those who waited in these lines must have felt degraded. Can't we fix it? We can. Why not? We can fix it today, but it requires making a brave political decision. We should stop being afraid of the Americans and stop taking them into consideration.


"Lebanon should decide that ships loaded with gasoline and diesel fuel will sail from Iran to Lebanon. You will have all the diesel and gasoline that you want, and you can pay for it in Lebanese Pound (LBP). The Lebanese Central Bank would not have to say that it has no dollars, and that it has to use the required reserves, or money from depositors and so on. All of this will not be needed if we use LBP. There will be no problem. It is possible. It is possible. This humiliation that you see in the gas and diesel stations, can be resolved by one brave decision. We are a country that surrenders to the United States of America. We let it leave us out to die. It doesn't want to kill us nor to let us live, and we accept it. This can be dealt with.


"When the state does not [function], should we despair? The state must continue, but what if it doesn't take responsibility? If we reach a dead end and this humiliation continues, I'm telling you that Hizbullah will go to Iran, negotiate with the Iranian government — and they accept this — and we will buy gasoline tankers, not oil... If we bought oil, it would be exchanged… [We will buy] gasoline and diesel tankers, bring them to the port of Beirut, and then we will see if the Lebanese state prevents gasoline and diesel from the people."

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