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Feb 16, 2023
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Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah Resumes Threats To Israel Over Offshore Gas Drill, Adds: Obama Acknowledged The U.S. Uses Disinformation To Topple Middle East Regimes; U.S. Earthquake Response Demonstrated Its Criminality And Barbarity

#10126 | 04:30
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said in a February 16, 2023 address on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon) that former U.S. President Barack Obama said that America no longer requires an army or a military war in order to take over and occupy other countries, and today all it needs is to sow discord. He explained that America can occupy countries by "corrupting" public opinion, planting rumors and conspiracy theories, and creating an atmosphere of accusations, "so that the people lose trust in their leaders." Nasrallah criticized America for delaying the exemption of aid to Syria from the Caesar Act following the massive earthquake. Later in his speech, he said that Hizbullah will not allow Israel to continue to drill gas from the Karish field, "if there is procrastination regarding the drilling for oil and gas in the Lebanese waters…" He added: "If you want to starve us, we will kill you."

Hassan Nasrallah: "A few months ago, Former U.S. President Barack Obama ... You can find it on the Internet. He delievered a lecture at an American University. He talked about how they bring countries down, how they take control of countries. All the nations of the world, should read or listen to this, so that they can plan, beware, and be steadfast, so that their country does not become occupied, one way or the other, by the Americans. President Obama said: 'All we need...' Notice that he said, 'all we need,' which means there is no longer any need to dispatch armies to military wars. This strategy has changed. They tried it in the region, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Somalia... Dispatching the American army is very costly in terms of money and human lives, and it did not produce the expected results.

"The [Americans] suffered great defeats. So the strategy changed. What do they need? 'All that is needed is to corrupt public opinion.' That's it. The Lebanese public opinion, the Palestinian public opinion, the Syrian public opinion, the Iranian public opinion, the Iraqi public opinion, and so on. 'All that is needed is to corrupt the public opinion in a certain country, using random messages, accusations left, right, and center' – another translator wrote 'random mail' – 'and by raising enough questions, and planting enough rumors and conspiracy theories' – an Iranian conspiracy, a Zoroastrian conspiracy, a Persian conspiracy, or whatever – 'in order to sow confusion among the people of that country, regarding what they should believe.' In other words they create an atmosphere of rumors, accusations, articles, social media networks, TV channels, lies around the clock, groundless documentaries...


"... so that the people lose trust in their leaders.


"Again, the U.S. administration failed the test [of the Turkey and Syria earthquake]. Again, it revealed its criminality and barbarism – [the U.S.] and others like it in the world. It took the U.S. government eight or nine days to say that providing aid to Syria does not run counter to the Caeser Act. Some of them said this, while others said that they allowed for a 3-month waiver, as an exception. Well, who remains alive nine days under the rubble? Only if it’s a miracle.


"They left the people to die for eight or nine days, and only then, perhaps due to the outcry and condemnation in the world, they felt a little bit embarrassed, and made this temporary measure.


"I read, two days ago, that Israel began to export oil and gas from the Karish field. Do people really think that if there is procrastination regarding the drilling for oil and gas in the Lebanese waters, and that we find out that there is such procrastination, and that the Lebanese are being toyed with and laughed at, and we will still allow them to drill oil and gas from the Karish field? I am telling you – absolutely not!"

Crowd: "On Nasrallah, we respond to your call! On Nasrallah, we respond to your call!"

Hassan Nasrallah: "Some people might think I am being emotional. No! I put a lot of thought into what I want to say. This means that if you want to starve me, I will kill you. If you want to starve us, we will kill you. We will kill you!"

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