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Dec 10, 2018
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Hizbullah TV Report: South Lebanese Locals Organize a BBQ on the Border to Ridicule Israeli Anti-Tunnel Activity

#6897 | 02:04
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

On December 10, 2018, Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) aired a report showing the locals of a town on the Israel-Lebanon border having a barbeque to mock the Israeli army's anti-tunnel activity on the border. The locals, who are from the Mays Al-Jabal border town, raised a Lebanese flag near the Blue Line in the presence of Lebanese MP Qasem Hashem. The reporter said that a "battle of wills" took place between the Israeli and Lebanese armies when the Israeli soldiers aimed their rifles at the locals and the Lebanese soldiers aimed theirs at the Israeli soldiers. The report said that the Israeli soldiers eventually acquiesced and lowered their weapons in accordance with the Al-Naqura Understandings.

Following are excerpts:



Narrator: The only thing missing at the border town of Mays Al-Jabal in South Lebanon was a place to hang out near the Blue Line, across from the Israeli occupation soldiers and their bulldozers. The spectacle served to demonstrate the ridicule with which the locals view the Israeli threats and measures on the Lebanese border.

Man: Where is the meat? C’mon, bring the food, let the guys eat!

Narrator: The scene constitutes a message in light of Israel’s over-the-top show of force, which involves five bulldozers working simultaneously ten meters from the Blue Line. The eyes of the Lebanese army, which is deployed in the area, were fixed on the occupation soldiers in order to defend the Blue Line, and in order to protect the actions of the locals at Mays Al-Jabal, which culminated in the raising of the Lebanese flag on the Blue Line in the presence of MP Qasem Hashem, in order to show their attachment to every inch of Lebanese soil. This alarmed the enemy soldiers, who were deployed behind recently-created dirt mounds.




Today, the battle of wills between the Lebanese army and the enemy soldiers was renewed when the enemy soldiers aimed their rifles at the people. The Lebanese soldiers had no choice but to aim their own rifles at the enemy soldiers. That is when the enemy acquiesced again and its soldiers lowered their weapons, as is required by the Al-Naqura Understandings, which are supervised by the United Nations. This is Ali Shu’eib, reporting for Al-Manar TV from Mays Al-Jabal in South Lebanon.

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