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May 25, 2023
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Hizbullah's Representative In Iran Abdullah Safi Al-Din: The Zionist Army Is No Longer Invincible; If The Israelis Do Not Leave Voluntarily, We Will Throw Them Into The Sea

#10315 | 02:26
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Hizbullah's representative in Iran Abdullah Safi Al-Din said in a May 25, 2023 interview with Channel 1 (Iran) that the Israelis themselves believe that Israel will not survive, are seeking to emigrate, and are securing jobs abroad so they can "flee when the time comes." He said that the Israeli military is no longer invincible, that it has suffered repeated losses since 2000, that it has been "defeated" in Gaza, and that it will be defeated when it confronts "the rest of the resistance groups". Safi Al-Din added: "Either they leave, or we will throw them into the sea." It should be noted that Safi Al-Din is the maternal cousin of Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, and is the brother of the head of Hizbullah's Executive Council Hashim Safi Al-Din. Safi Al-Din spoke in fluent Farsi during the interview.

Interviewer: "The army of the Zionist regime had victories until 2000, thus becoming legendary in Zionist society. How do you view the conditions of this army now?"

Abdullah Safi Al-Din: "This business is over. The business of the 'invincible army' is over and done with. Even the Zionists themselves have forgotten about this. They suffered defeats. Not once, twice, or three times. More. The people who are being defeated by our dear [brothers] in Gaza will definitely be defeated when confronting the rest of the resistance groups.

"But this is not the issue. The issue at hand in the Zionist regime is their mere existence – whether this regime will survive or disappear. They themselves are talking about this. If we look into it, there is a negative net migration rate there. Any Zionist who has money, if he did not leave already, is looking for a job abroad so he can flee when the time comes. They are very scared, and believe, in their hearts, that this regime will not survive. It is not just psychological. It is a serious matter. Well, it is also psychological, but they have a problem believing that they will survive. There is no doubt here. They themselves believe that they will not survive in the region. This is turning now into a negative migration movement. Anyone who hasn't left yet is looking for a place to return to, a place to which he can flee from the occupied land. Inshallah."

Interviewer: "Inshallah, they will all go. Inshllah."

Al-Din: "Either they leave, or we will throw them into the sea."

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