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Feb 25, 2022
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Hizbullah Officials On Russia-Ukraine War: American Minions In Lebanon Should Learn This Lesson – America Abandons Those Who Cooperate With It

#9393 | 01:53

On February 25, 2022, Al-Manar TV (Lebanon-Hizbullah) uploaded to its website, almanar.com.lb, video footage of addresses made by Hizbullah officials who spoke about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Sheikh Nabil Qauq of Hizbullah's Central Committee said that America's "minions" in Lebanon should learn a lesson from what happened in Ukraine and not "listen to the whispers of the American Satan.” Sheikh Hashem Safieddine, the head of Hizbullah's Executive Council, said that the Americans want to undermine security in Russia, and pointed out that as soon as American interests are in danger, the U.S. abandons people with whom it had cooperated and who it had promised to protect. He added that the U.S. incited Ukraine to go to war against Russia and sustain losses while it only supported it with UN resolutions, sanctions, and weapons.

Nabil Qauq: "The American minions in Lebanon should learn a lesson from what happened in Ukraine. Learn the lesson! America incites you, gets you into trouble, and then abandons you. Do you not listen to the whispers of the American Satan."



Hashem Safieddine: "With the confrontation today between Russia and Ukraine, it has become clear that the Americans want to undermine security in Russia, and expect Russia not to do anything. When America sees that its interests are in danger, it recoils, protects its interests, and abandons even the people it cooperated with and whom it promised [to protect].


"They kept inciting the [Ukrainians], but the moment things became serious, Biden said: 'We will not participate in this military war.' He said to them: 'What do you want? UN resolutions? You got it. Sanctions? You got it. Weapons? We will send them to you. We will incite you and give you weapons, no go and have your people killed in a confrontation that does not benefit the Ukrainian people in any way.' This is the United States. This is how we are familiar with it here, in Lebanon."

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