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Aug 13, 2023
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Lebanese Hizbullah Officer 'Hajj Reda' In Message To Secretary-General Nasrallah: Hundreds Of Martyrdom-Seekers Are Ready To Support Our People In Palestine, Destroy The Enemy's War Machine

#10428 | 01:38
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

A video of Hizbullah operations room officer addressing Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah in honor of the 17th anniversary of the 2006 war with Israel was posted on Al-Manar online (Hizbullah-Lebanon) on August 13, 2023. In the video, "Hajj Reda," as he was identified by Al-Manar online, said that Hizbullah has hundreds of martyrdom-seekers, who are ready to fight and "defend the glory" of their land and to support the people in Palestine and the cause of Jerusalem. Acknowledging Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, "Hajj Reda" said that Hizbullah fighters are waiting to destroy the enemy's brigades, tanks, and its war machine in the event it enters Lebanon.

Hajj Reda: "We say to the esteemed Secretary-General [Nasrallah], who knows the situation: We are soldiers at your service, the sons of Ali, Fatima, Hassan, and Hussein, the sons of the Prophet Muhammad. We have hundreds of martyrdom-seekers, ready to fight and make the sacrifice, ready to defend the glory of our land and the honor of our country and homeland. They are ready to support our people in Palestine and the cause of Jerusalem, which will remain the main cause of the Arab and Islamic nations, and of the free people around the world.

"May the banner of truth remain in your hands, under the shadow of the Guardian and Leader Khamenei, may Allah protect him. With Allah's permission, we are ready and waiting to destroy the enemy's brigades, its tanks, and its war machine, in the event that they enter Lebanon."

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