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Aug 11, 2023
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Hizbullah Officer 'Hajj Jihad': We Will Invade The Galilee; In The Next War, Israeli Soldiers Will Flee Their Positions – Their Military Posts Will Become Their Graveyards

#10432 | 01:09
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

A Hizbullah operations officer identified as "Hajj Jihad" said in an August 11, 2023 interview on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon) that the "operation to enter the Galilee" is not theoretical and is in fact one of Hizbullah’s most important plans. He elaborated that in the next war, Israeli soldiers will desert their posts as soon as the war begins, adding that their posts will become their graveyards. "Hajj Jihad" also said that Hizbullah has been planning this war since the end of the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

Hajj Jihad: "This battle is realistic. The operation to enter the Galilee, is not a theoretical matter. This is one of the most important plans prepared by the Islamic resistance. We are certain about our ability, because of our past experience in this respect. I say that in the next war, we will see Israeli soldiers deserting their posts, and fleeing when the war starts.


"We are talking about military posts that will become graveyards for the enemy's soldiers.


"The Islamic resistance that will wage this war in the coming years will not do it the customary way that we have done it in the past. In the 17 years that have passed since 2006, we have been diligently preparing for this war."

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