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Aug 25, 2019
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Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: We Will Confront Israeli Drones in Lebanon, Retaliate Against Israel

#7439 | 08:13
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said in an August 25, 2019 address that aired on Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) that two Israeli drones entered and carried out an attack in the Mouawad neighborhood in Dahieh, South Beirut the previous night. He said that a two-meter-long reconnaissance drone was downed and subsequently captured by young men who threw stones at it while it was flying low between buildings on a reconnaissance run. He then said that a second drone arrived roughly two minutes later and attacked a house in the area, which he claimed had been a hang-out spot for young Hizbullah members, by crashing into it and exploding. Nasrallah said that there have been similar drone attacks taking place against the PMU in Iraq, and he claimed that these attacks have also been carried out by Israel. He announced that Hizbullah will do whatever it can to prevent such attacks from taking place in Lebanon and that Hizbullah will begin confronting Israeli drones in Lebanon's skies. Furthermore, Nasrallah warned that Israeli soldiers on the Israel-Lebanon border should "stand on a leg and a half" and wait for Hizbullah. In addition, he said that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will be holding the upcoming Israeli elections over the blood of Israelis since Israel's actions in the region are drawing fire towards Israel from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and the Palestinians. The audience chanted: "We respond to your call, oh Nasrallah!"

Following are excerpts:


Hassan Nasrallah: Last night, a drone entered the skies of Dahieh in South Beirut. It was a military drone. We have it, and perhaps we will show it to the media later. First we need to reach understandings with the authorities on how to deal with this. It is also clear from the debris of the second plane that this was not the kind of aircraft that can be rented in the cities and villages here for the purposes of photographing weddings and parties. No. This is a military plane, at least two meters in length. This is proper military manufacturing. At night, the drone entered the area it was targeting. It entered a certain street in the Mouawad neighborhood in Dahieh. The first plane was on a recon mission and was not equipped with explosives. It was flying low, between the buildings. This means that it was trying to photograph the target. As reported by Hizbullah's media sources, we did not down this aircraft. But when the young locals saw a two-meter-long plane flying low between the buildings… The more transparently we speak, the easier it will be to understand. One should rely on facts, not on illusions and inventions. The [locals] started throwing stones at the plane until it crashed. It did not crash as a result of technical malfunction, but because it was pelted with stones. It was hit by one of the stones, and this can be seen clearly on the body of the plane. Shortly after, maybe a minute or two after the plane had crashed, a second plane arrived and attacked a certain place. It's not that the second plane suffered a technical malfunction and was detonated in min-air. No! What happened last night was an attack by a suicide drone against a target in Dahieh in South Beirut, Lebanon. This is the most accurate and fact-based description.




It will be very dangerous for Lebanon if we remain silent over this violation. This would mean that every two or three days, a car bomb will show up… Sorry, not a car bomb – a suicide drone with explosives. It will target this building or that place, this field or that garden, this mosque or that compound… And people will say that God only knows where this drone came from. This will be a repetition of what is happening now in Iraq. From now on, and let everybody listen to me well, because what I am saying is accurate. There is a scenario that has been playing out in Iraq in recent weeks. Storehouses belonging to the Popular Mobilization Units [PMU] in different provinces are being bombed by drones. Whether the drone fires a missile or crashed itself – that's another issue. One, two, three, four explosions… And Israel hints to and takes pride in its responsibility for this.




How do the Iraqis deal with this? The Iraqi government, the Iraqi army, the PMU, the Iraqi people – that's their business. I do not interfere in their decisions. But as far as things go for us in Lebanon, we will allow no such thing. We will not allow this. You are familiar with our record. We will do whatever we can to prevent such a thing. We will do anything that may prevent such a thing.




Gone are the days in which Israeli planes bomb Lebanon while the plundering entity in Palestine remains safe in any of its areas.




In our view, the Israeli drones that enter Lebanon no longer just violate our sovereignty. They no longer just gather intelligence. These are now suicide drones that perpetrate killing and bombing operations, and we therefore have the right… Now it is a matter of procedure. Maybe not every day, every week, or every house… This will be a tactical matter. But I say this loud and clear, and I know this will upset some people… Let them be upset! Let them be upset! From now on, we will confront the Israeli drones in the skies of Lebanon. When the Israeli drones enter Lebanon's skies, we will act to shoot them down.




Israel's air force did not bomb a center belonging to [Iran's] Quds Force yesterday. It bombed a center belonging to Hizbullah. The people there…. It was a house, not a military post. It was a house where young men usually hang out. Only Lebanese men from Hizbullah were at the place that was bombed.




If Israel kills any of our brothers in Syria, we will retaliate in Lebanon, not in the Shebaa Farms.

Audience: We respond to your call, oh Nasrallah! We respond to your call, oh Nasrallah!

Hassan Nasrallah: I say to the Israeli soldiers on the border: Starting today, you should stand on a leg and a half and wait for us.




The Israeli political parties used to hold elections over the blood of the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Syrians, the Iraqis, and the people of the rest of the region. This time around, however, Netanyahu holds elections over you blood, oh Israelis. He is playing with your blood. He is drawing fire to you from everywhere. What business do you have in Iraq? Why is he striking PMU storehouses in Iraq? He is bringing upon you fire from Iraq and Syria, and now from Lebanon. As for Palestinian fire, it is already there, because of your siege on Gaza, your aggression against the West Bank, and your arrogance towards the Palestinian people.

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