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Jan 03, 2022
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Hizbullah Leader Hassan Nasrallah: U.S., Saudi Arabia Are Responsible For ISIS, War In Syria; Iran Sent Martyrs To Protect Iraqis, While Saudi Arabia Sent People To Kill Iraqis

#9284 | 02:59
Source: The Internet - "fasl Al-Khitab on YouTube"

Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of Hizbullah, said in a video that was uploaded to the Fasl Al-Khitab YouTube channel on January 3, 2022 that Saudi Arabia is responsible for the ideology of ISIS and for its establishment, and that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has himself admitted that America has been asking Saudi Arabia to spread Wahhabism throughout the Islamic world. Nasrallah also said that one cannot compare the people who were sent by Saudi Arabia to kill Iraqis in suicide bombings with the Iranian “martyrs” who were killed defending the Iraqi people. In addition, Nasrallah blamed the United States for the war in Syria, and he said that the U.S. has been using its Al-Tanf military base to bring ISIS to the Syrian desert and to the outskirts of Damascus.

Hassan Nasrallah: "The Iraqi security services have known for 20 years that the Saudi intelligence agencies would send car bombs to Iraq and that they have controlled the sending of suicide bombers to Iraq.


"The ideology of ISIS came from Saudi Arabia. This can be found on TV and in the newspapers. In addition, Prince Mohammed bin Salman himself said, in his own voice, that it was the U.S. that for the past few decades has been asking Saudi Arabia to spread Wahhabi ideology in the Islamic world and the world at large. He says so himself. He also says that Saudi Arabia has heeded this American request. This is the ISIS ideology that came from there. But it is not just ideology.

"We all remember the official Saudi position, as well as in the media, of welcoming and praising ISIS, during the first weeks after it took over the Iraqi provinces. So on the one hand, you have Saudi Arabia, which has sent its people to Iraq, in order to kill Iraqi men, women and children in suicide bombings. On the other hand, Iran has sent its men and its youth to be killed while defending the Iraqi men, women and children, in Baghdad, in Karbala, and in all the Iraqi provinces. How can you possibly compare a killer to a martyr?


"America is responsible for the war in Syria. The Syrians and all of us should not just ignore the fact that the Syrians were killed and that Syria was destroyed and hurled into a world war by the successive American administrations. America was defeated in Syria like it was defeated in Iraq.


"The American forces control a military base called Al-Tanf. They bring ISIS from the Al-Hol camp to the Al-Tanf region. Nobody is allowed within 50 kilometers of the Al-Tanf [base]. Nobody is allowed within 50 kilometers of the Al-Tanf [base]. If anyone comes close, the American air force attacks him. [The U.S.] has turned it into an ISIS military base, in order to bring ISIS back to the Syrian Desert and to the outskirts of Damascus. This is America."

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