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Aug 30, 2020
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Hizbullah Leader Hassan Nasrallah: For Every Hizbullah Fighter Killed By Israel, We Will Kill An Israeli Soldier; We Do Not Want To Simply Win Points With The Media, Boost Morale By Striking IDF Installations

#8244 | 02:48
Source: NBN TV (Lebanon)

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said in an August 30, 2020 speech that aired on NBN TV (Lebanon) that everything that has taken place since Hizbullah fighter Ali Kamel Mohsen was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Syria in July has been retaliation on the part of Hizbullah. He said that if Hizbullah wanted to win points with the media, it could have filmed its fighters launching missiles at an Israeli military post or other installation. Rather, he said that Hizbullah wants to establish the equation that for every Hizbullah fighter that is killed by Israel, an Israeli soldier will be killed by Hizbullah.

Hassan Nasrallah: "We consider everything that has happened since the martyrdom of our brother [Ali Kamel Mohsen in July in Syria] to be a part of the retaliation [against Israel]. We consider it to be part of the retribution. But I would like to state it more clearly, for the benefit of the people in Lebanon who follow us, as well as for the Israelis. If we wanted to respond just in order to raise morale, or just for the media, we could have retaliated on the first day. Let me go into detail. There are [Israeli posts] in the Shebaa Farms or on the international border... As far as we are concerned, this [distinction] is over. At one point, we used to distinguish between the Shebaa Farms and the border. The Shebaa Farms is occupied Lebanese land and nobody should dispute our right to fight [for its liberation]. But when the Israelis attack, we do not distinguish between a response in the Shebaa Farms or on the international border. This [distinction] is over. The men of the resistance could have attacked a military post with some missiles, hitting some fortifications and some installations, and they could have filmed this and sent it to all the media outlets, and, Allah Akbar, we would have retaliated for the martyrdom of our brother. But no Israeli soldier would have been killed or wounded.


"This was not our goal. We are not looking to win points in the media or to just raise morale. We want to set a certain equation, and today I will be more clear about this equation than anytime in the past. Let the Israelis understand this: when you kill one of our mujahideen, we will kill one of your soldiers. That's it. This is the equation. It is not that you kill one of us and we bomb a post, bunkers, hills, and some iron and tin installations. These can all be replaced and they will not create a balance of deterrence with Israel.


"The [Israelis] know that we are not looking for success in the media. We are not looking for a photo-op, but for a soldier to kill. This is why they are hiding all their soldiers. They are hiding like mice."

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