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Nov 11, 2020
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Hizbullah Leader Hassan Nasrallah On U.S. Elections: 'What Kind Of Democracy Is This?' Nothing Will Change – Both Parties Support Israel

#8449 | 03:22
Source: The Internet - "Newsgate (Lebanon)"

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said in a November 11, 2020 speech that was posted on Newsgate (Lebanon) that the U.S. presidential election has "exposed" America's democracy and proves that nobody should "lecture us" about accepting the will of the people. He said that both parties in the U.S. support America's Middle East policy, which he described as an "Israeli" policy, and he stated that the outcome of the elections will not change anything in the region. In addition, Nasrallah said that the Deal of the Century will soon "go away."

Hassan Nazrallah: "[The U.S. elections] exposed America's democracy. They call upon the world to abide by the will of the people, to conduct elections, and so on, but if the American administration itself... Today, President Trump... It's not just President Trump. It is not that we can simply say that this is his mentality, that he is crazy, and that he sticks to his chair. The Republican Party [supports him]. Two [Republican] senators called [Biden] and congratulated him, but officially, the Republican Party, its leadership, and its centers of power are embracing the battle that Trump continues to wage over the elections, and they do not accept the results. So what kind of democracy is this?


"So nobody should lecture us anymore about Western or American democracy. They are no experts on elections and on respecting the people's vote – not in America and not anywhere else.


"The American policy in the region is an Israeli policy. Israel is the source. Israel's force, Israel's stability, Israel's security, Israel's superiority... These are among the immutable principles of U.S. policy – the policy of both the Democrats and the Republicans. Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump, Biden, no matter who it is... They compete amongst themselves who will support and embrace Israel more, who will defend it more, who will strengthen it more. As far as we are concerned, things will not change. Perhaps their policy towards Russia will change, or their policy towards China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, or whatever. In our region, however, everything is connected to the entity that plunders occupied Palestine.


"So pinning our hopes on significant and strategic transformations in the American policies in the next phase... Nobody should have such hopes, and nobody should delude himself.


"Where is the Deal of the Century? From day one, I told you that the Deal of the Century stands on three legs: Trump, Netanyahu, and Mohammed bin Salman. Today, Trump is gone, inshallah. Either he is gone or he will take America with him, because he refuses to accept the results. Netanyahu is in the worst possible situation. Even with Trump in office, Netanyahu was in the worst situation in his political history, and now things have worsened. As for Mohammed bin Salman, he is worried more than all the other leaders in the region. He worries that Biden will do what he promised in his election campaign.


"So the Deal of the Century will go away along with its [three] legs, inshallah."

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