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Oct 17, 2004
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Hizbullah Leader Meets with a U.S. Presbyterian Delegation

#294 | 01:23
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

The following are excerpts from a report of a meeting between Hizbullah's leader in South Lebanon, Nabil Qauq, and a delegation of Presbyterian Church:

Sheik Nabil Qauq : The American policy today is similar to an owl bringing bad tidings. All we hear from Bush are words of war, evil, destruction, killing, siege and threat. This aggressive inclination is a real danger to all monotheistic religions and it harms Christianity.

Elder Ronald Stone**: We treasure the precious words of Hizbullah and your expression of goodwill towards the American people. Also we praise your initiative for dialogue and mutual understanding. We cherish these statements that bring us closer to you. As an elder of our church, I'd like to say that according to my recent experience, relations and conversations with Islamic leaders are a lot easier than dealings and dialogue with Jewish leaders.

** Reported by Al Manar as "Dronel Stone," but according to the Presbyterian Church US website, http://www.pcusa.org/acswp/wwd/wwd-violence-workgroup.htm, his name is actually Ronald Stone.

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