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Feb 16, 2019
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Hizbullah Leader Hassan Nasrallah: Trump Is the Greatest Hypocrite on Earth for Claiming to Have Defeated ISIS; America Should Stand Trial for Creating ISIS, Be Held Responsible For ISIS' Crimes

#7020 | 04:41
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech that aired on Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) on Februay 17, 2019 that President Trump is the greatest hypocrite on the face of the Earth for claiming that the U.S. defeated ISIS. Nasrallah said that the U.S. actually hindered the defeat of ISIS in Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, and he accused the U.S. of creating ISIS in Iraq in order to re-occupy Iraq and plunder its resources. He said that the U.S. had acted in a similar fashion by giving Saddam Hussein WMDs and by creating Al-Qaeda. He further asserted that it had been the armies and the countries of the axis of resistance in the region that actually defeated ISIS, and that the U.S. should stand trial for the crime of creating ISIS and be held responsible for the crimes that ISIS perpetrated in the region.

Following are excerpts:


Hassan Nasrallah: ISIS no longer has any military presence in Iraq, even though there are some cells and some remnants. Similarly, ISIS no longer has any military presence in Syria, but perhaps there are some cells and some remnants in the desert and some areas. ISIS also has no military presence in Lebanon. Obviously, this is a great victory. I just want to say something about the American hypocrisy in this respect. Sadly… Who is it that wants to appear tonight or tomorrow, and declare a decisive and historic victory over ISIS? Who is it? It is the greatest hypocrite on the face of the Earth, U.S. President Trump. It is sad when hypocrisy and audacity reach such a level. What is my evidence? In Lebanon, America had nothing to do with the fight against ISIS. Moreover, the U.S. constituted an obstacle preventing this fight, as I've said before. It would exert pressure on Lebanon. In Iraq, America created ISIS, as Trump himself admits.




There are testimonies by top American generals and CIA officials that the U.S. administration under Obama and Clinton created ISIS. They created it. They released ISIS leaders from prison. They asked Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and other Gulf countries to give ISIS money. They asked Turkey and other countries to open their borders to ISIS, and to facilitate things for it. It was America that created ISIS in Iraq, and from there it expanded to Syria. Their plan was for ISIS to control Iraq, so that they could use it as a pretext to re-occupy Iraq. The Iraqis, however, thwarted this conspiracy.




The Americans constituted a delaying factor in the decisive war with ISIS in Iraq. They wanted this war to last 10-15 years so they could plunder Iraq's resources and riches, extort Iraq, and build military bases there.




As for Syria, where did you Americans fight ISIS exactly? A little bit east of the Euphrates?




Our forces wanted to push on, eliminate ISIS, and reach the Iraq border. Who prevented them from doing so? The Americans! Trump! But today Trump wants to say: I eliminated ISIS. Mr. Trump, you prevented the annihilation of ISIS and the end of the war with it, after the liberation of Abu Kamal and Deir ez-Zor. You have prolonged the life of ISIS for 15 months, because you wanted to use ISIS again east of the Euphrates against Syria and Iraq, but you failed.




This hypocrite will announce today the annihilation of ISIS. Just like with Al-Qaeda – they created it and then announced its annihilation. Just like Saddam Hussain. They financed him and gave him WMDs and then he used chemical weapons to kill the Iraqi Kurds and Iranians, and then they eliminated him under the pretext of having WMDs. Today, they make the same declarations with regard to ISIS. With your permission, let me say that it was the axis of resistance that liberated the region and fended off the dark, barbaric, and criminal threat of ISIS. It was done by the countries, armies, and movements of the resistance axis, and not by this American hypocrite who showed up at the very end, and who pretends to have had a share in the victory, and to have fought terrorism and annihilated ISIS. Instead, America should stand trial for the crime of creating ISIS. It should be held fully responsible for the crimes perpetrated by ISIS in our region.

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