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Mar 05, 2024
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Hizbullah Deputy Sec.-Gen. Sheikh Naim Qassem: We Did Not Drag Lebanon Into War – Israel Does Not Need A Pretext To Launch A War; Israel Wants To Build Settlements In Lebanon; Syria Cannot Contribute To The War More Than It Does

#10942 | 02:03
Source: LBC (Lebanon)

Hizbullah Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem said in a March 5, 2024 interview with LBC TV (Lebanon) that Hizbullah did not "drag Lebanon into war," because Israel is a "dangerous enemy" that needs no pretext for war. He said that Israel wants to build settlements in Lebanon, but it stays away from it because it is afraid. Qassem added that Hizbullah entered Syria and engaged in "preemptive defense," and he said that it must not "fall asleep with the Israeli enemy."

Naim Qassem: "We did not drag Lebanon into war. There is an Israeli enemy, which is a dangerous enemy, and it might launch a war against Lebanon any time. It does not need any pretexts or justifications.

"[Israel] invaded [Lebanon] in 1982 and expelled the Palestinians to Tunisia. It put an end to the Palestinian resistance [in Lebanon]. Why did it stay in Lebanon for 18 years, until 2000? It stayed because it wants to establish settlements in Lebanon. This is expansionist enemy. Today, it stays away from Lebanon because it is afraid. 

"When we went to flight in Syria, what was the outcome? When we set out from Lebanon, some people did not support us, but we defended Lebanon, and we protected the Muslims, and the Christians. We stopped ISIS, because we engaged in preemptive defense. Today, with the Israeli enemy, we must not fall asleep."Interviewer: "Why is the Syrian front [with Israel] so quiet?"

Naim Qassem: "Syria's situation is very delicate. Syria is lacking capabilities. Let's be realistic. Syria has its own troubles. As we can see, there are still militants on a part of Syria, and they are causing a crisis in Syria. The siege laid on Syria by the Americans, the Europeans, and others has depleted the Syrian capabilities. So this is the most Syria can do. They cannot do any more."

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