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Apr 16, 2011
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Heated Debate on Egyptian Politics on Al-Faraeen TV Gets Out of Hand

#2898 | 01:38
Source: Al-Faraeen TV (Egypt)

Following is an excerpt from a TV debate between Wagih Hassan, legal advisor to the NDP, and Yahya Al-Qazzaz, a political activist from the Kefaya movement, which got out of hand. The show aired on Al-Faraeen TV on April 16, 2011.

Yahya Al-Qazzaz: The leaders of the National Democratic Party (NDP) must face a just trial...

TV show host: Are these the NDP leaders? Let's not ignore the language that was used here.

Wagih Hassan: I've written down everything that he said. He says that the people defending the NDP are thieves. Did he or didn't he say it?

TV show host: He did.

Wagih Hassan: He does not know how to conduct a polite discussion. He is not qualified to talk and accuse people of being thieves. He obviously comes from an environment of people who are all thieves.

Yahya Al-Qazzaz: You are being rude and impudent! I will beat you with a shoe!

Wagih Hassan: I will give you a taste of my own shoe!

The two men get up and Yahya Al-Qazzaz raises a chair; crew members try to intervene

Yahya Al-Qazzaz: I'm gonna show you...

Wagih Hassan: You insolent man... You lowlife... You son of a bitch...

Yahya Al-Qazzaz: I'm gonna show you...

The camera is turned off and the title of the show appears: "The War of the Stars"

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