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Dec 21, 2004
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Head of Palestinian Authors Union in Lebanon: We Still Seek to Liberate Palestine From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean

#434 | 02:27
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Palestinian Authors Union in Lebanon Secretary-General Samir Ahamd:

Samir Ahamd: The unwavering Palestinian principles are not, as some say, withdrawing from the territories occupied in 1967, establishing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and so on… All those "new" unwavering principles. I believe that these renewed unwavering principles would not have emerged without the pressure on the resistance. I believe that the unwavering principles are the ones included in the Palestinian Charter, which stated that Palestine is the land of the Palestinians – from (the Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea. It measures 27,000 square kilometers. It is Acre, Haifa, the Galilee, Nazareth, Gaza, and so on. These are the unwavering Palestinian principles, which also include the liberation of this land.

Some may say that these are old slogans, an old logic, an irrational logic. But what have we gained from the rational logic of the PLO since 1974?

Other peoples have attempted negotiations and got no results. On the other hand, peoples that have fought that have attained results through their will and through their resistance. No nation in the world attained its rights without resistance. In the past we used to talk about the Vietnamese, the Cuban experience, and the Korean experience. Today, we are talking about the Algerian experience, the Lebanese experience, and the Iranian experience. All these experiences confirm that the option of resistance is the shortest path to victory. It is also the most economical. Resistance is more economical than any other path to victory.

When we see a Palestinian mother preparing her son for a martyrdom operation, awaiting her son's martyrdom, when she hears the explosion… When we see young Palestinians digging a tunnel for more than four months, l in order to carry out a heroic martyrdom operation… When a Palestinian flies a glider and lands in an Israeli military base… When a Palestinian passes all the Zionist checkpoints and reaches Tel Aviv or Haifa, blows himself up among the enemy – how can we say that this people is weary and that the resistance is the option of only a few among the Palestinian people?

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