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Oct 13, 2013
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Head of the Lebanese Peace Party Roger Edde: Partition Is the Only Solution for Syria

#4018 | 02:19
Source: ANB TV (Lebanon/Jordan/London)

Following are excerpt from an interview with Lebanese Peace party leader Roger Edde, which aired on ANB TV on October 13, 2013:

Roger Edde: The reason why foreign intervention occurred in Libya was to assure the flow of 1,600 barrels of high-quality oil. But this intervention did not continue. Therefore, we see anarchy in Libya, and this anarchy will lead to continued civil war, and perhaps to Libya's partition under the worst possible circumstances.

Interviewer: It seems that Libya has already been partitioned.

Roger Edde: I have nothing against partitioning countries if it leads to peace. The countries that were created by the colonialist-imperialist powers may have reached the end of the road. Even the notion of the state as an entity has become meaningless. In the global economic and social order.


Interviewer: Do you expect the Arab countries to be partitioned?

Roger Edde: There is no alternative.

Interviewer: No alternative?

Roger Edde: None.

Interviewer: You've said that Syria is situated between Iraq, Turkey, Israel, and Lebanon, and that this strategic position could influence Syria's neighbors, and we should not rule out the option that some intend to let things deteriorate, similar to what happened when Syria was established in 1919.

Roger Edde: I fear that we are approaching something far worse. I said those things a month ago. Now I say that if Geneva II does not convene within six months, there is a danger that such a solution will become impossible...

Interviewer: There is a "danger"? So you support the solution of partitioning Syria?

Roger Edde: Yes, because it is a solution, and there are worse scenarios.


Partition has become the only option, in the absence of some foreign intervention leading to unity. Partition is the only alternative.


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