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Mar 08, 2016
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Hassona Aldramly, an Official at the Palestinian Embassy in South Africa: We Must Bring Down Zionism

#5504 | 01:53
Source: The Internet

Hassona Aldramly, an official at the Palestinian embassy in South Africa, participated in a May 9 BDS event at the University of Johannesburg, which was held as part of the "Apartheid Week." In his speech, Aldramly mocked Israeli PM's nickname, Bibi, and said that you can expect anything "from a baby." "We must work together to bring down Zionism," he added, "because it is the first point of terrorism in the world." The video was posted on the YouTube account of BDS South Africa on April 11.


Hassona Aldramly: "(My son) said: 'Can I ask you a question, Dad? What is the name of the prime minister of Israel?' I said: 'Bibi'. He laughed: 'Baby? Ha ha ha. Seriously, he's a baby?' I said: 'Yes, Bibi' He said: 'How can the Palestinians expect a baby to recognize a Palestinian state, because he cannot make serious decisions? Don't wait for anything from that baby.' I said: 'Bibi is not Baby, Bibi is Bibi.' He said: 'Bibi is the name of my doll.' No no no, there is something wrong with that matter."






"The Palestinians have been fighting for the right to independence and self-determination, as well as the right to return to their homes and lands, from which they have been forced by the power of apartheid Israel, to be displaced under the merciless oppression and genocide."






"We must work together to bring down Zionism, because it is a (synonym for) racism, because it is the first point of terrorism in the world. Zionism decided, allowed, and gave their permission and orders to their terrorist gangs to kill and murder innocent Palestinian civilians, to destroy their cities and country, and to practice all kinds of genocide. Together, we have to raise our hands like this, and say together: 'Fall down, Zionism, fall down. Fall down, Zionism, fall down ' Thank you very much."


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