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Jan 23, 2020
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Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi: We Should Use Blacks in America to Cause the U.S. to Disintegrate; Bloodshed through Jihad Is a Form of Mercy to the World

#7773 | 03:40
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, a member of Iran's Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution, said in a January 23, 2020 lecture aired on Ofogh TV (Iran) that Jihad and violence are a form of mercy to the world. Explaining that mercy for mankind had been the heart of Prophet Muhammad's mission, Azghadi said that bloodshed through Jihad is merciful in the same way that surgery is merciful when compared to execution. He also said that the Quran clearly calls for armed struggle and guerrilla warfare anywhere people are oppressed in the world. In addition, Azghadi said that Iran plans to conquer all the key locations in the world and that Iran should establish a cultural presence among blacks and people of color in the United States in order to exploit their estrangement and cause America to disintegrate. He also argued that Iran should train and send young people to establish a social and cultural presence throughout the world.


Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi: "In the Quran, chapter 21, verse 107 reads: 'We have sent you not but as a mercy for Mankind.' In principle, the heart of [Prophet Muhammad's] mission is mercy. Even when it takes the form of Jihad and violence, it is mercy.




"Why does this bloodshed constitute mercy for Mankind? This bloodshed is more like surgery than execution. What is the difference between a surgeon's blade and the blade of an executioner? Both make one bleed, both cause pain, and both tear the flesh and the skin, but one is used to cure people and the other is used to finish them off. One brings mercy and joy and other brings torment and misery.




"[Khomeini] said clearly that this is the home of all the world's revolutionaries. This is a second home for all of them. We are loyal to his words and plan to topple all of these regimes. We plan to conquer all the key spots in the world. Yes. That's us.




"We have to make our presence felt in the conflict in America that involve blacks and people of color. There is fertile ground for this. With regard to the American people, let me tell you this: If their media fabric and oppressing structures loosen a little bit – America is the kind of country that will disintegrate quickly. I'm not just saying this. I have traveled to America two or three times. I talked with different types in seminars. There are layers of hatred, alienation, and estrangement there. However, the conniving regime controls everything through the media. Believe me, if this loosens a little, the entire structure will disintegrate. If they face 1% of the pressure we endured in 2009 and on other occasions, they will disintegrate. There is hatred of various kinds there, and we are not taking proper advantage of it. Whether we are unable to do it, not up to it, or don't want to do it – I don't know.




"We need to send out several thousands of surplus people [to do this]. They should be sent to different countries and they should spread there. I'm not talking about you, but about younger people. They should go there and get married. These young people should marry the local girls and stay to live there. This is how the situation will change. You know that England, with its vile goals... We should do this for divine goals. In the 19th century, England sent its surplus population... It did not send pure people, but impure ones from its prisons – smugglers and thieves. It had a population surplus of several hundreds of thousands, so it sent them to Australia, to South America, to South Africa – to five countries. After all, they are the ones who founded Australia and these countries. They were all English.




"We, however, can send pure people. We have such good young people in our religious seminaries and universities. They keep asking: 'What should we do?' As God is my witness, if they are managed properly... Thousands of people can undergo training for 2-3 years and then be sent [abroad] – not to carry out military operations and so on. They should go and live there and deal with cultural projects. If they can do other stuff, they should do it too. They should go and have a social and cultural presence. Everything will change there.




"[Quran 4:75] is a clear call for armed struggle, guerrilla warfare, and armed combat throughout the world. Wherever there is an oppressed person, even if not a Muslim... That means the five continents of Earth."

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