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Nov 11, 2019
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Hassan Nasrallah: Lebanon Is Safer Than Washington, D.C.; We Have So Many Missiles We Don't Know Where to Put Them; Speech Accompanied by "Death to America" Chants

#7591 | 04:32
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

In a speech aired live on Al-Manar TV on November 11, 2019, Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that U.S. President Donald Trump cares only about oil and he will have a stroke when he discovers that the new oil field discovered in Iran will produce 53 billion barrels of oil. Nasrallah stated that Lebanon crime rates are lower than any state in the U.S. and it is even safer than Washington D.C. He continued to say that Hizbullah has no need for missiles transferred through Syria and Iraq, it has so many missiles that they "don't know where to put them". Nasrallah also said that Lebanon needs a "sovereign government" to face American economic sanctions and to say: "(America), get out of our skies!" The crowd in attendance responded to this with chants of "Death to America!"

Following are excerpts:


Hassan Nasrallah: For Trump, oil is the only valuable thing. It's not merely the most important thing. It is the only valuable thing. As for human beings – even if they are friends, allies, and brothers-in-arms – Trump can turn his back on them at any given moment. Yesterday, we saw the president of the Islamic Republic, Sheikh Rouhani, officially announcing the discovery of an enormous oil field, with a potential of 53 billion barrels. Fifty-three billion oil barrels! Surely Trump will have a stroke. Let's assume that when Iran resumes its oil exports, it will export one million barrels per day from that field – how long will this oil field last? How many generations?




According to a website of economic experts, this field is worth more than $3 trillion, in today's prices. Someone should tell this to Trump. He should be told how many oil barrels and how much it's worth in dollars, so that his stroke will be complete.




Every now and then, we hear that Lebanon is not a safe country. That's a lie. That's an American lie. Brothers and sisters, all Lebanese people should hear this: You should examine the American newspapers and relevant websites. By Allah, Lebanon is safer than any state in the United States. That's Lebanon. Lebanon is safer than Washington, D.C. itself. We are not influenced by the news. Check out the annual statistics. In Washington, D.C. or in any American state – examine the percentages of the murder cases, injuries, shootings, rapes, and robbery. It turns out that compared to any American state, Lebanon is a paradise of security and safety.




The Americans did everything they could – and even resorted to threats – to prevent the opening of the Al-Bukamal border crossing [between Iraq and Syria]. But there was a sovereign Iraqi decision to open the Al-Bukamal border crossing. The false claim [of the Americans] was that this crossing would be used to transfer missiles to Lebanon. I have said on several occasions that we do not need missiles transferred through the Al-Bukamal crossing. We already have more missiles than we need and we don't know where to put them.




The Americans don't want us to export products of our agriculture and industry. They don't want Lebanese nationals abroad to send money back to Lebanon. They don't want anyone to invest in Lebanon. They don't want China, Iran, or Russia to invest here. Some countries want to give grants but they are still dragging their feet. This is why I said in my last speech that we wanted a sovereign government. What does a sovereign government mean? It means a government that would take into account Lebanon's national interests and would muster the courage to say to the Americans: 'This position contradicts Lebanon's national interest. Now, get out of our skies!'

Audience: Death to America! Death to America! Death to America! Death to America!

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