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Nov 03, 2023
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Saudi-American Islamic Scholar Hasib Noor In Washington State Friday Sermon: Videos From Gaza Show That The Scent Of Musk Emanates From The Bodies Of The Martyrs, Angels Attend Their Funerals; They Were Occupied In This World, Now They Are In Paradise

#10629 | 02:59
Source: Online Platforms - "MAPS Redmond on YouTube"

Saudi-American Islamic scholar Hasib Noor extolled the martyrdom of Palestinians In Gaza, in a November 3, 2023 Friday sermon delivered at the Muslim Association of Puget Sound, Washington. He said that he has seen videos of people describing the scent of musk emanating from the bodies of the martyrs and tens of thousands of angels attending their funeral processions. Noor said that Allah comforts the martyrs by saying: "You were occupied in this world, now you are going to Paradise." He quoted a message from "a sister in Gaza," who claimed that in the sky of Palestine you can see waves of angels ascending to heaven with the martyrs. The sermon was streamed lived on the YouTube channel of MAPS Redmond. According to online sources, Hasib Noor was raised in the U.S., but has been living in Saudi Arabia for the past 10 years.

Noor: "We see that in Palestine and Gaza today, where there have been a number of videos in which people say: 'we can smell musk emanating from the bodies of the deceased.' Just like the prophet Muhammad said that the angels wash and bury the bodies, and enter by the tens of thousands the funeral processions of those who were martyred. And there are videos of this.  


"[The Quran says:] 'Indeed those who have said our Lord is Allah, and then remained steadfast on it, and passed on it, the angels will descend on them and say: 'Do not fear. Do not grieve.'" Yesterday, you were sleeping without electricity. Yesterday, you had your water cut off. Yesterday, you were in fear of the bombs dropping around you, until it finally hit you. There is no more fear, there is no more grief. Rather, glad tidings of the doors of Paradise, which you were promised. You were occupied in this world, and now you are going to be in Paradise, with the righteous, Allah comforts them.

"That is why... A sister in Gaza sent the following message to all of us, that I want to share with you all. She said: 'If Allah lifted the veil for you, for just ten minutes, you could see the sky of Palestine, you would see a sight of wonder. Waves of angels racing to ascend with the souls of the martyrs to Allah in a special celebration.

"I swear by Allah, besides whom there is no God, the sky is filled with the scent of perfume. These people have completed their test in this world, so there is no need for them to stay in this world. Allah has chosen for them Paradise. You see the painful images, don't you? But my messenger and your Messenger Muhammad swore by Allah that the martyr will not experience pain, except like a pinch.

"So just as if I pinch you by the hand, do not fear for them. I know you are saddened, so remember that the Messenger has said: 'No one in this world dies and wishes to return to this world, except for the martyr.' The martyr wishes that they would die for His sake a thousand times, to keep dying for his sake and coming back. I am now seeing things in Gaza, which if you saw them in your own eyes, you would die of joy. These martyrs are alive and eternally provided for by their Sustainer.'


"Allah support our oppressed brothers in Gaza and Palestine.


"Oh Allah, accept our martyrs. Oh Allah, destroy their enemy and Your enemy. Oh Allah, destroy the occupying Zionists. Oh Allah, cleanse the Al-Aqsa Mosque of their filth."

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