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Jun 24, 2019
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Iraqi PMU Official Hashim Al-Haidari: Trump, America, Israel Terrified of Iran, the Islamic Resistance; U.S. Bases in the Region Will Be Targeted if Iran Is Attacked

#7328 | 02:42
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) official Hashim Al-Haidari said in a June 24, 2019 speech that aired on Al-Alam TV (Iran) that America fears Iran because of its leader, its people, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the Basij, its women, and its martyrs. He said that President Trump couldn't bring himself to retaliate against Iran for the drone it recently shot down because "fear filled his heart" and because American bases in the region and the palaces of the Saud and Nahyan clans would have been targeted by Iran had he attacked. He said that American bases in Iraq may one day be attacked if the resistance "becomes angry" and that Israel is "terrified in the full sense of the word" of Hizbullah, its women, its weapons, the blood of its martyrs, and its leader, as well as of the Palestinian resistance and Palestinian children, women, stones, and missiles.


Hashim Al-Haidari: "America fears Iran because of the Iranian leader, the people, the IRGC, the Basij, the women, and the martyrs. Look at President Trump. He could not retaliate for the downing of the [drone] plane two or three days ago. With a simple missile, the IRGC shot down the number one espionage plane in the world — the pride of the United States — and brother Trump — or rather, Mr. Trump — was unable to retaliate. He falsely claimed that he feared for 150 Iranians who would have been killed, but look at America — thousands of blacks are killed by the police every year. If you’re a real man, protect your own people from death. He did not retaliate because fear filled his heart. He feared that if he struck the Islamic Republic, all the American bases in the region, along with the palaces of the Saud clan and the Nahyan clan in the UAE, would have been targeted by the missiles of the Iranian regime of the Rule of the Jurisprudent. America, Saudi Arabia, and Israel fear any front of the resistance. In Iraq, they fear the PMU and the resistance factions. Yes! The day of the U.S. bases in Iraq will come if the people rebel or if the resistance becomes angry. I shall conclude with Palestine, and Israel... Israel is terrified in the full sense of the word. Indeed, fear has entered their hearts. Fear of whom? Of Hizbullah and of Hizbullah’s leader. They fear his speeches and his positions. They fear the men of Hizbullah, the women of Hizbullah, and the weapons of Hizbullah. By Allah, Israel is also afraid of the blood of Hizbullah’s martyrs. Israel is afraid of the resistance in Palestine. They fear the children of Palestine, the youth of Palestine, the women of Palestine, the stones of Palestine, and the missiles of Palestine."

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